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Developed by CAE Group, Inc'


Strong demand for fast turn-around in model development and ... Eliminate analysis runs that produce bad answers, waste computer ... 15% of man-time is ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Developed by CAE Group, Inc'


ModelChecker for ANSYS
  • Developed by CAE Group, Inc.
  • Dr. Lawrence Durocher, President
  • Woodbury, CT
  • 203 263-8422

Most Companies Have the Same Primary Business
  • Create and deliver better, more reliable,
    products in a shorter period of time and at a
    reduced cost
  • Many companies have adopted a 6 Sigma strategy
    to improve growth, productivity, and product
    quality. This requires improvements in all
    processes including those of product development
    and engineering.

FEA Software A Tool in Your Process
  • Characteristics of all FEA tools
  • Compute intensive
  • Manpower and lead-time intensive
  • Require training/education
  • Error-prone, consider a model with 100,000 nodes,
    make a mistake at one node and critical results
    might be off by orders of magnitude, or even
    worse, might have a small but significant error!
  • As we improve processes to achieve 6 Sigma
    quality and reduce lead-times and cost, how will
    we achieve significant improvements in these

Current Trends in FEA
  • Strong demand for fast turn-around in model
    development and analysis resultslarge, complex
    models are becoming the norm.
  • Analysis groups are over-loaded with work or no
    longer exist. FEA user is a generalist, rather
    than an FEA specialist.
  • Global outsourcing is becoming common-place and
    contractor may not be local(on-site).
  • World-wide collaboration, within a company, or
    between companies has become more prevalent.

Implications of Such Trends
  • Model development/debugging/documentation
    time/costs must be compressed.
  • FEA experts may not always be available to
    thoroughly review all models and do not have
    enough time to devote to such activities.
  • Collaboration tools are needed to allow FEA model
    information exchange without the burden of huge
  • FEA software must move from the domain of simple
    element shape checking to a more advisory (expert
    system) role.
  • Automatic model verification has been basically
    ignored by all FEA vendors this must change!

ModelCheckerWhat Does This Software Do?
  • Provides a menu-driven (or batch),automatic,
    comprehensive check of any ANSYS structural model
    before the model is analyzed should be used
    throughout the entire model-building process.
  • Other physics environments, such as thermal, can
    be checked by switching via one command(ETCHG) to
    equivalent structural.
  • Comprehensive documentation of the results of the
    checks, as well as the model itself, in an HTML

ModelCheckerProduct Capabilities/Interface
  • Requires minimal support and training
  • Simple menu choices or simply have software check
  • Report is HTML-based, very descriptive, and has
    extensive plotting options. File size is small,
    allows easy use of e-mail or posting to a
  • Users Manual is HTML-based, discusses each check
    and the implications of each check.

How Does User Invoke ModelChecker?
  • CAEG supplied granule and menulist files change
    the main menu and invoke encrypted macros. The
    ANSYS production source code has also been
    modified but is distributed as part of standard

ModelChecker - 1st Submenu
Note Users can check the solid model, the FEA
model or both. MC is used throughout the model
building process!
Results From ModelChecker
  • Produces a detailed HTML report, including plots,
    documenting the model as well as the results of
    the various checks.
  • If any problem is found in a given check, the
    questionable entities are counted and grouped
    into ANSYS components for later
  • Lets take a look at a sample report

Turbine Model
Hyperlink to Turbine Model Report
Complete check and report on this model (about
310,000 nodes and 250,000 3-D elements),
including part-by-part net load and mass summary,
is approximately 1.5 minutes on a typical PC.
Model With Lots of Errors
Link to HTML report for Error Model
Engineers in General
  • Do not thoroughly check a model unless the
    results dont look right
  • Spend significant time debugging complex FEA
  • May not find all of the errors in a given model,
    a model that is eventually used for
    design/manufacturing decisions.
  • Rarely document their models to the extent
    desired by management.
  • Do not have the required modeling
    experience/skills as new hires.

ModelChecker attempts to address each of these
traits by providing fast, automatic, unbiased,
thorough checking and documentation for ANSYS
models and HELP links (in the HTML report) to the
appropriate training materials.
Primary Benefits of ModelChecker
  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate analysis runs that produce bad answers,
    waste computer resources and tie up FEA
    software licenses
  • Decrease model debugging time/costs use
    ModelChecker throughout the model building
  • Decrease model documentation time/costs

Primary Benefits of ModelChecker
  • Increase FEA reliability
  • All models must pass through the same checks -
    user independent! Quality/reliability enhanced
    by requiring all models to be subjected to
    consistent, unbiased tests. This approach is very
    consistent with ISO 9000 objectives.

Primary Benefits of ModelChecker
  • Quickly and thoroughly document the model
  • HTML report contains information that would take
    many hours to obtain, or could not be obtained,
    by ANSYS menus/commands.
  • No more I didnt have time to document the
    model excuses, every model is easily documented.
  • Provide a means (HTML report) of supplying
    detailed, ANSYS model characteristics to external
    support organizations without conveying
    proprietary geometry and detailed boundary
    condition information.
  • Automated, preliminary checking of outsourced
    models or models built automatically by vertical
    applications or by discipline-specific software.

Primary Benefits of ModelChecker
  • Educate inexperienced users via the warnings and
    the corresponding HTML links and users manual.
  • Reduce burden that inexperienced users place on
    experienced users. Software provides a training
    aid and HTML report provides concise model review
  • Collaboration tool for world-wide use, ANSYS FEA
    model review simply need browser.
  • Serves as a vehicle for company, or
    group-specific, checks and reports. Data is
    stored in ANSYS database, user macros are
    supported, and HTML template can be customized.

Justifying the Purchase of ModelChecker
  • Quality/reliability/productivity, education and
    documentation arguments are quite strong.
  • Standardized checks tie in nicely with ISO 9000
    and other certification/quality procedures.
  • Only tool that lets a supervisor/manager quickly
    review ANSYS finite element models with an
    independent expert system supporting and
    validating in-house analysis work.

Justifying the Purchase of ModelChecker
  • ROI Calculation
  • Most significant time and cost savings will come
    from reduced model debugging time
  • Easiest ROI calculation is based on very
    conservative reduced documentation time/costs
  • Assume 15 of man-time is documentation
  • Assume the HTML report and plots only reduce the
    total documentation time by 10
  • This very conservative estimate gives an ANSYS
    man-time reduction of 1.5. This savings alone
    will usually cost-justify the lease/purchase.

Justifying the Purchase of ModelChecker
  • ModelChecker could also be called seatbelts for
  • Most of the time you dont need a seatbelt, but
    when the unexpected occurs you would have paid
    any cost for the seatbelt.
  • To complete the seatbelt analog, most fatal car
    accidents occur within 25 miles of home. The FEA
    model that you didnt document and check
    thoroughly will be the model that you will wish
    you had!
  • What is the potential cost to your company of an
    incorrect model?