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Cassatt Impressionist Period


Impressionist art is marked by visible brushstrokes, an emphasis on light and ... Little Girl in a Blue Armchair. This is one of Cassatt's most famous paintings. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cassatt Impressionist Period

CassattImpressionist Period
Maternal Kiss
Impressionist Art
  • The impressionist movement began in the mid to
    late 1800s in France.
  • Impressionist art is marked by visible
    brushstrokes, an emphasis on light and ordinary
    subject matter.
  • Photography was gaining popularity
  • Inspired candid poses.
  • Inspired painters to extend their artistic
    expression beyond an exact copy of what the eye
    can see.
  • Photographs were only black white then, so
    painters really concentrated on colors.
  • Emphasis was on the vivid overall effect of the
    painting instead of the precise details of each
    object in the painting.

Maternal Kiss
  • How is this drawing the same as a photograph that
    someone might take of a mother kissing her child?
  • Notice the pose, and the candid, immediate feel
    of the work.
  • How is this drawing different from a photograph?
  • Notice the visible lines in the drawing. The
    background is imperfect. You can clearly see
    that this is a drawing.

The Bath
Mary Cassatt
  • Mary Cassatt was born in 1844 in Pennsylvania.
    If she were alive today she would be more than
    160 years old.
  • She was raised in a wealthy family and traveled
    quite a bit as she was growing up. She got to go
    to some of the greatest museums in the world
    where she was introduced to great art.
  • Cassatts family did not want her to become an
    artist, but she really wanted to make her own way
    in the world and to support herself.
  • At the time, women did not pursue careers at
    all. Some art schools would not allow women, and
    some art shows would not show womens artwork.
  • Cassatt moved to Paris to study art with great
    artists. While in Paris, she became friends with
    the great impressionist artists of the time and
    learned from their work.
  • What is happening in this painting?
  • What colors do you notice?
  • What about this painting is not perfect?
  • Do you like this painting?

Mother about to Wash her Sleepy Child
  • Most of Cassatts paintings were of the private,
    daily lives of women.
  • She often focused on the tender relationship
    between a mother and child.
  • Interestingly, she never married or had children
    of her own. She never even seemed to want to
  • This painting is called Mother About to Wash her
    Sleepy Child. Does this baby look sleepy to
    you? What makes this baby look sleepy?
  • Does this painting look like a photograph?
  • What about it is like a photo and what about it
    is different?

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair
  • This is one of Cassatts most famous paintings.
  • Tell me about the girl in the painting. How is
    she feeling? How can you tell?
  • Notice that, again, Cassatt is more interested in
    bold colors and shapes than in perfectly
    depicting what her eyes can see. The patterns on
    the chair arent perfect, and you can see her
    brush strokes in her work.
  • Do you like this painting even though its not
  • Would you like it better if it showed everything
    exactly as it was like a photograph?

Mother and Child
  • This is another example of Cassatt depicting a
    mother and daughter scene.
  • What is happening in this painting?
  • Notice the bright colors.
  • Notice the different mirrored reflections the
    little girls face in the hand mirror and the
    mother and daughter in the back mirror.
  • What do you like about this painting?

Art in Action!
Sleeping Baby
  • Draw a picture of your mother and you on an
    ordinary day doing something that you usually do
    together. It can be any part of your day.
  • Try to use an impressionistic style remember,
    it doesnt have to be perfect!

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