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A Wrinkle in Time By Madeleine LEngle


When used in the classroom, this book is sure to get the students' imagination brewing. ... Sinister Tangible. During Reading Activities ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Wrinkle in Time By Madeleine LEngle

A Wrinkle in TimeBy Madeleine LEngle
  • Lessons Prepared By
  • Tasha Bowlin

Book Overview
  • A Wrinkle in Time is a fictional novel filled
    with magical, creative imagination that can take
    the reader where no man has ever gone
    before.tessering through time to faraway planets
    to see things no one has ever dreamed of. The
    fun, imaginative characters are sure to enhance
    the readers in a journey they will never forget
    as they travel through the pages of this story.
    When used in the classroom, this book is sure to
    get the students imagination brewing. In this
    presentation I have included several possible
    lesson plans to go along with this novel. These
    include activities for pre-reading, during
    reading, and post-reading, with elements applying
    to the students metacognitive abilities and

Pre-Reading Activities
  • About the AuthorClass discussion about her
  • Journal Entry---Predict what you think this book
    will be about.
  • Discussion---Take turns reading aloud some
    journal entries. Compare and contrast beginning
  • Vocabulary---Study and familiarize yourself with
    new words by constructing Frayer Models.

Vocabulary List
  • Indignantly ?Dilapidated
  • Relinquished ?Corona
  • Frivoling ?Annihilate
  • Tesseract ?Misconception
  • Belligerent ?Primitive
  • Transmissible ?Emanate
  • Sinister ?Tangible

During Reading Activities
  • On-going journal entries----After each chapter,
    briefly record what has happened and if it was to
    your surprise or not. Also, remember to predict
    what you think will happen in the next chapter.
  • Think-aloud Discussions----Each person takes a
    turn in class to share their thoughts and ideas
    on the book so far

During Reading Activities
  • Study Guides---Students will complete questions
    pertaining to each chapter as they read. These
    questions will focus on characters, plot, events,
    and vocabulary.
  • Pop Quizzes---After every five chapters, a pop
    quiz will be given with about 10 questions
    pertaining to the events that have happened in
    the chapters.
  • Role-play Diaries---Each student will take on the
    persona of a certain character, and write a diary
    entry from that characters point of view about a
    certain event that has happened in the story.

Post-Reading Activities
  • Journal Entry Response Writing---Immediately
    after finishing the book, record your thoughts
    and feelings on it in your journals.
  • Class Discussion---All students will be involved
    in orally reflecting their thoughts of the book.
  • Metacognitive Abilities---You will each reflect
    on the way you read through the book. You will
    each answer and discuss such questions as Did
    you expect the next event to happen? Were you
    surprised when this character did this? Were
    some of the creative vocabulary words too
    confusing for you? How did you deal with this?
    While reading, did you ever think of the Black
    Thing or It as symbolizing something that
    actually exists?

Post-Reading Activities
  • Exploring Schemata---In a class discussion, you
    will each share how you related to this book.
    You will answer questions such as Could you
    identify with any of these characters? Do you
    have any prior experiences to relate to that
    helped you understand this book? What were your
    feelings about the way some characters were
    treated differently than others?

Portfolio Options
  • After reading such an imaginative book, you
    should be thinking creatively. Use this time to
    begin creative short stories to be added to
    portfolios. Sample Prompt After reading this
    novel, your creative sensors should have been
    alerted. Using your imagination, write a short
    story in which you travel on a journey to save
    something or someone. Be as creative as
    possible---anything goes!!
  • Write a reflective critique of the book in the
    form of a letter to an editor, or simply an essay
    for a magazine. Tell whether you liked the book
    or not and why, and reflect on the different
    possibilities that the author could have been
    playing on with the Black Thing, It, and the
    neighborhood and people of Camazotz.

Final Assessment
  • The final exam to be given at the end of the book
    will be similar to the quizzes, and will include
    information from the study guides that you have
    completed for each chapter. All parts of a story
    will be addressed, along with the studied
    vocabulary, and highlighted events throughout the
    book. A short answer reflection question will
    conclude the exam.
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