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The powerful and riveting new book in the multimillion-selling Killing series by Bill O Reilly and Martin DugardAutumn 1944 World War II is nearly over in Europe but is escalating in the Pacific where American soldiers face an opponent who will go to any length to avoid defeat The Japanese army follows the samurai code of Bushido stipulating that surrender is a form of dishonor Killing the Rising Sun takes readers to the bloody tropical-island battlefields of Peleliu and Iwo Jima and to the embattled Philippines where General Douglas MacArthur has made a triumphant return and is plotting a full-scale invasion of Japan Across the globe in Los Alamos New Mexico Dr J Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists are preparing to test the deadliest weapon known to mankind In Washington DC FDR dies in office and Harry Truman ascends to the presidency only to face the most important political decision in history whether to use that weapon And in Tokyo Emperor Hirohito who is considered a deity by his subjects refuses to surrender despite a massive and mounting death toll Told in the same page-turning style of Killing Lincoln Killing Kennedy Killing Jesus Killing Patton and Killing Reagan this epic saga details the final moments of... World War II like never before more
Once in a great while a book comes along that changes the way we see the world and helps to fuel a nationwide social movement The New Jim Crow is such a book Praised by Harvard Law professor Lani Guinier as brave and bold this book directly challenges the notion that the election of Barack Obama signals a new era of colorblindness With dazzling candor legal scholar Michelle Alexander argues that we have not ended racial caste in America we have merely redesigned it By targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color the U S criminal justice system functions as a contemporary system of racial control relegating millions to a permanent second-class status even as it formally adheres to the principle of colorblindness In the words of Benjamin Todd Jealous president and CEO of the NAACP this book is a call to action Called stunning by Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Levering Lewis invaluable by the Daily Kos explosive by Kirkus and profoundly necessary by the Miami Herald this updated and revised paperback edition of The New Jim Crow now with a foreword by Cornel West is a must-read for all people of conscience
New York Times BestsellerA Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg From a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of humanity s creation and evolution a 1 international bestseller that explores the ways in which biology and history have defined us and enhanced our understanding of what it means to be human One hundred thousand years ago at least six different species of humans inhabited Earth Yet today there is only one homo sapiens What happened to the others And what may happen to us Most books about the history of humanity pursue either a historical or a biological approach but Dr Yuval Noah Harari breaks the mold with this highly original book that begins about 70 000 years ago with the appearance of modern cognition From examining the role evolving humans have played in the global ecosystem to charting the rise of empires Sapiens integrates history and science to reconsider accepted narratives connect past developments with contemporary concerns and examine specific events within the context of larger ideas Dr Harari also compels us to look ahead because over the last few decades humans have begun to bend laws of natural selection that have governed life for the past four... billion years We are acquiring the ability to design not only the world around us but also ourselves Where is this leading us and what do we want to become Featuring 27 photographs 6 maps and 25 illustrations diagrams this provocative and insightful work is sure to spark debate and is essential reading for aficionados of Jared Diamond James Gleick Matt Ridley Robert Wright and Sharon Moalem more
A New York Times Bestseller and the inspiration for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow presents a landmark biography of Alexander Hamilton the Founding Father who galvanized inspired scandalized and shaped the newborn nation In the first full-length biography of Alexander Hamilton in decades Ron Chernow tells the riveting story of a man who overcame all odds to shape inspire and scandalize the newborn America According to historian Joseph Ellis Alexander Hamilton is a robust full-length portrait in my view the best ever written of the most brilliant charismatic and dangerous founder of them all Few figures in American history have been more hotly debated or more grossly misunderstood than Alexander Hamilton Chernow s biography gives Hamilton his due and sets the record straight deftly illustrating that the political and economic greatness of today s America is the result of Hamilton s countless sacrifices to champion ideas that were often wildly disputed during his time To repudiate his legacy Chernow writes is in many ways to repudiate the modern world Chernow here recounts Hamilton s turbulent life an illegitimate largely self-taught orphan from the Caribbean he came out of nowhere to... take America by storm rising to become George Washington s aide-de-camp in the Continental Army coauthoring The Federalist Papers founding the Bank of New York leading the Federalist Party and becoming the first Treasury Secretary of the United States Historians have long told the story of America s birth as the triumph of Jefferson s democratic ideals over the aristocratic intentions of Hamilton Chernow presents an entirely different man whose legendary ambitions were motivated not merely by self-interest but by passionate patriotism and a stubborn will to build the foundations of American prosperity and power His is a Hamilton far more human than we ve encountered before from his shame about his birth to his fiery aspirations from his intimate relationships with childhood friends to his titanic feuds with Jefferson Madison Adams Monroe and Burr and from his highly public affair with Maria Reynolds to his loving marriage to his loyal wife Eliza And never before has there been a more vivid account of Hamilton s famous and mysterious death in a duel with Aaron Burr in July of 1804 Chernow s biography is not just a portrait of Hamilton but the story of America s birth seen through its most central figure At a critical time to look back to our roots Alexander Hamilton will remind readers of the purpose of our institutions and our heritage as Americans Nobody has captured Hamilton better than Chernow The New York Times Book Review more
Alert This product may be shipped with or without the inclusion of the Oprah Book Club sticker Please note that regardless of the cover the books are identical Night is Elie Wiesel s masterpiece a candid horrific and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps This new translation by Marion Wiesel Elie s wife and frequent translator presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the author s original intent And in a substantive new preface Elie reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forgets man s capacity for inhumanity to man Night offers much more than a litany of the daily terrors everyday perversions and rampant sadism at Auschwitz and Buchenwald it also eloquently addresses many of the philosophical as well as personal questions implicit in any serious consideration of what the Holocaust was what it meant and what its legacy is and will be
The New York Times Besteller This estimable book rides into the summer doldrums like rural electrification It deals in the truths that matter Dwight Garner The New York Times With the election looming this eye-opening investigation into our country s entrenched social hierarchy is acutely relevant O Magazine White Trash will change the way we think about our past and present T J Stiles Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Custer s Trials In her groundbreaking bestselling history of the class system in America Nancy Isenberg takes on our comforting myths about equality uncovering the crucial legacy of the ever-present always embarrassing if occasionally entertaining poor white trash When you turn an election into a three-ring circus there s always a chance that the dancing bear will win says Isenberg of the political climate surrounding Sarah Palin And we recognize how right she is today Yet the voters boosting Trump have been a permanent part of our American fabric argues Isenberg The wretched and landless poor have existed from the time of the earliest British colonial settlement to today s hillbillies They were alternately known as waste people offals rubbish lazy lubbers and crackers By the 1850s the downtrodden included so-called... clay eaters and sandhillers known for prematurely aged children distinguished by their yellowish skin ragged clothing and listless minds Surveying political rhetoric and policy popular literature and scientific theories over four hundred years Isenberg upends assumptions about America s supposedly class-free society where liberty and hard work were meant to ensure real social mobility Poor whites were central to the rise of the Republican Party in the early nineteenth century and the Civil War itself was fought over class issues nearly as much as it was fought over slavery Reconstruction pitted poor white trash against newly freed slaves which factored in the rise of eugenics -a widely popular movement embraced by Theodore Roosevelt that targeted poor whites for sterilization These poor were at the heart of New Deal reforms and LBJ s Great Society they haunt us in reality TV shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty Marginalized as a class white trash have always been at or near the center of major political debates over the character of the American identity We acknowledge racial injustice as an ugly stain on our nation s history With Isenberg s landmark book we will have to face the truth about the enduring malevolent nature of class as well more
The New York Times bestselling author of Rise of ISIS exposes the dangers of radical Islam and the effects it has on the American way of life in this informative and eye-opening new book The fundamental principle of our system of government is individual liberty Our forefathers chose to bequeath a system that limited the reach of government officials so that Americans could control their own lives When the United States was attacked on September 11 2001 the true face of radical Islam was exposed for the world to see Our nation came face-to-face with a rabid ideology that was and is committed to destroying our freedoms and imposing Islamic Shariah onto the Western world The principles of Shariah which demands total submission to Allah completely clash with US law and legal tradition But that doesn t stop adherents of fundamental Islam from executing those who they believe have offended Islam and Muhammad As such Shariah has become a threatening danger to our country our values and our way of life In Unholy Alliance Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ tackle radical Islam head on They expose the attempts by fundamentalist Muslims both in the US and abroad to destroy our legal system in favor of a system... that would destroy our essential liberties They bring attention to terrorism in today s world and reflect on the recent Paris and San Bernardino attacks as well as Russia Syria Iran and continuous threats to our nation Each of us should be aware of what is going in the world and learn what we can do as individuals to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies be they foreign or domestic more
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From the author of The Eighty-Dollar Champion the remarkable story of the heroic rescue of priceless horses in the closing days of World War II In the chaotic last days of the war a small troop of battle-weary American soldiers captures a German spy and makes an astonishing find his briefcase is empty but for photos of beautiful white horses that have been stolen and kept on a secret farm behind enemy lines Hitler has stockpiled the world s finest purebreds in order to breed the perfect military machine an equine master race But with the starving Russian army closing in the animals are in imminent danger of being slaughtered for food With only hours to spare one of the Army s last great cavalrymen American colonel Hank Reed makes a bold decision with General George Patton s blessing to mount a covert rescue operation Racing against time Reed s small but determined force of soldiers aided by several turncoat Germans steals across enemy lines in a last-ditch effort to save the horses Pulling together this multistranded story Elizabeth Letts introduces us to an unforgettable cast of characters Alois Podhajsky director of the famed Spanish Riding School of Vienna a former Olympic medalist who is forced to... flee the bomb-ravaged Austrian capital with his entire stable in tow Gustav Rau Hitler s imperious chief of horse breeding a proponent of eugenics who dreams of genetically engineering the perfect warhorse for Germany and Tom Stewart a senator s son who makes a daring moonlight ride on a white stallion to secure the farm s surrender A compelling account for animal lovers and World War II buffs alike The Perfect Horse tells for the first time the full story of these events Elizabeth Letts s exhilarating tale of behind-enemy-lines adventure courage and sacrifice brings to life one of the most inspiring chapters in the annals of human valor Praise for The Perfect Horse Letts a lifelong equestrienne eloquently brings together the many facets of this unlikely poignant story underscoring the love and respect of man for horses The author s elegant narrative conveys how the love for these amazing creatures transcends national animosities Kirkus Reviews The Perfect Horse is an enthralling and moving story that I could not put down This is a riveting and unique perspective on World War II History buffs and horse lovers will enjoy this amazing tale Molly Guptill Manning author of When Books Went to War Passionately told and dazzling in scope The Perfect Horse charges headlong into an unforgettable tale of World War II when good men were given a final mission to save beloved horses at an hour when no one wanted to die In Elizabeth Letts the saga of World War II s white stallions has found its perfect guardian Adam Makos author of A Higher Call Elizabeth Letts s beautiful prose woven together with meticulous research takes you for a ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end Robin Hutton author of Sgt Recklessmore
The leading text in a compact value edition Clear concise integrated and up-to-date Give Me Liberty is a proven success with teachers and students Eric Foner pulls the pieces of the past together into a cohesive picture using the theme of freedom throughout The Fourth Edition features stronger coverage of American religion and a reinforced pedagogical program aimed at fostering effective reading and study skills The Seagull Edition includes the full text of the regular edition in a compact volume for an affordable price
A brilliantly funny exploration of the Sunshine State from the man who knows it best Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Dave Barry We never know what will happen next in Florida We know only that any minute now something will Every few months Dave Barry gets a call from some media person wanting to know What the hell is wrong with Florida Somehow the state s acquired an image as a subtropical festival of stupid and as a loyal Floridian Dave begs to differ Sure there was the 2000 election And people seem to take their pants off for no good reason And it has flying insects the size of LeBron James But it is a great state and Dave is going to tell you why Join him as he celebrates Florida from Key West at the bottom to whatever it is that s at the top from the Sunshine State s earliest history to the fun-fair of weirdness that it is today It s the most hilarious book yet from the funniest damn writer in the whole country Carl Hiaasen and he should know By the end you ll have to admit that whatever else you might think about Florida you can never say it s boring