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Posted directly outside President Clinton s Oval Office Former Secret Service uniformed officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton s character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the First Family in CRISIS OF CHARACTER the most anticipated book of the 2016 election
Ron Chernow the renowned author of Titan whom the New York Times has called as elegant an architect of monumental histories as we ve seen in decades vividly re-creates the whole sweep of Alexander Hamilton s turbulent life his exotic brutal upbringing his titanic feuds with celebrated rivals his pivotal role in defining the shape of the federal government and the American economy his shocking illicit romances his enlightened abolitionism and his famous death in a duel with Aaron Burr in July 1804 Drawing upon extensive unparalleled research including nearly fifty previously undiscovered essays highlighting Hamilton s fiery journalism as well as his revealing missives to colleagues and friends this biography of the extraordinarily gifted founding father who galvanized inspired and scandalized the newborn nation is the work by which all others will be measured
Alert This product may be shipped with or without the inclusion of the Oprah Book Club sticker Please note that regardless of the cover the books are identical Night is Elie Wiesel s masterpiece a candid horrific and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps This new translation by Marion Wiesel Elie s wife and frequent translator presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the author s original intent And in a substantive new preface Elie reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forgets man s capacity for inhumanity to man Night offers much more than a litany of the daily terrors everyday perversions and rampant sadism at Auschwitz and Buchenwald it also eloquently addresses many of the philosophical as well as personal questions implicit in any serious consideration of what the Holocaust was what it meant and what its legacy is and will be
Accompanied by the feature documentary film Hillary s America opening in July 2016 Dinesh D Souza author of the 1 New York Times bestseller America Imagine a World Without Her has a warning We are on the brink of losing our country forever After eight years of Obama four years or possibly eight years of Hillary Clinton as president of the United States would so utterly transform America as to make it unrecognizable No more will America be a land of opportunity Instead it will be a land of rapacious crony capitalism run solely for the benefit of friends of the Obamas and the Clintons and the Democratic Party It will in fact be the fulfillment of a dream the Democratic Party has had from the beginning a dream of stealing America for the politically favored few In Hillary s America D Souza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary and the secret history of the Democratic Party including how Democrats transitioned from pro-slavery to pro-enslavement the long-standing Democratic political war against women how Hillary Clinton s political mentor was literally a cold-blooded gangster how the Clintons and other Democrats see foreign policy not in terms of national interest but in terms of personal profit how Democratically controlled... cities have turned into hotbeds of crime and corruption and much much more more
Violent crime has been rising sharply in many American cities after two decades of decline Homicides jumped nearly 17 percent in 2015 in the largest 50 cities the biggest one-year increase since 1993 The reason is what Heather Mac Donald first identified nationally as the Ferguson effect Since the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri officers have been backing off of proactive policing and criminals are becoming emboldened This book expands on Mac Donald s groundbreaking and controversial reporting on the Ferguson effect and the criminal-justice system It deconstructs the central narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement that racist cops are the greatest threat to young black males On the contrary it is criminals and gangbangers who are responsible for the high black homicide death rate The War on Cops exposes the truth about officer use of force and explodes the conceit of mass incarceration A rigorous analysis of data shows that crime not race drives police actions and prison rates The growth of proactive policing in the 1990s along with lengthened sentences for violent crime saved thousands of minority lives In fact Mac Donald argues no government agency is more dedicated to the proposition that... black lives matter than today s data-driven accountable police department Mac Donald gives voice to the many residents of high-crime neighborhoods who want proactive policing She warns that race-based attacks on the criminal-justice system from the White House on down are eroding the authority of law and putting lives at risk This book is a call for a more honest and informed debate about policing crime and race more
Once in a great while a book comes along that changes the way we see the world and helps to fuel a nationwide social movement The New Jim Crow is such a book Praised by Harvard Law professor Lani Guinier as brave and bold this book directly challenges the notion that the election of Barack Obama signals a new era of colorblindness With dazzling candor legal scholar Michelle Alexander argues that we have not ended racial caste in America we have merely redesigned it By targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color the U S criminal justice system functions as a contemporary system of racial control relegating millions to a permanent second-class status even as it formally adheres to the principle of colorblindness In the words of Benjamin Todd Jealous president and CEO of the NAACP this book is a call to action Called stunning by Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Levering Lewis invaluable by the Daily Kos explosive by Kirkus and profoundly necessary by the Miami Herald this updated and revised paperback edition of The New Jim Crow now with a foreword by Cornel West is a must-read for all people of conscience
This estimable book rides into the summer doldrums like rural electrification It deals in the truths that matter Dwight Garner The New York Times White Trash will change the way we think about our past and present T J Stiles Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Custer s Trials In her groundbreaking New York Times bestselling history of the class system in America Nancy Isenberg takes on our comforting myths about equality uncovering the crucial legacy of the ever-present always embarrassing if occasionally entertaining poor white trash When you turn an election into a three-ring circus there s always a chance that the dancing bear will win says Isenberg of the political climate surrounding Sarah Palin And we recognize how right she is today Yet the voters boosting Trump have been a permanent part of our American fabric argues Isenberg The wretched and landless poor have existed from the time of the earliest British colonial settlement They were alternately known as waste people offals rubbish lazy lubbers and crackers By the 1850s the downtrodden included so-called clay eaters and sandhillers known for prematurely aged children distinguished by their yellowish skin ragged clothing and listless minds Surveying political rhetoric and... policy popular literature and scientific theories over four hundred years Isenberg upends assumptions about America s supposedly class-free society where liberty and hard work were meant to ensure real social mobility Poor whites were central to the rise of the Republican Party in the early nineteenth century and the Civil War itself was fought over class issues nearly as much as it was fought over slavery Reconstruction pitted poor white trash against newly freed slaves which factored in the rise of eugenics -a widely popular movement embraced by Theodore Roosevelt that targeted poor whites for sterilization These poor were at the heart of New Deal reforms and LBJ s Great Society they haunt us in reality TV shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty Marginalized as a class white trash have always been at or near the center of major political debates over the character of the American identity We acknowledge racial injustice as an ugly stain on our nation s history With Isenberg s landmark book we will have to face the truth about the enduring malevolent nature of class as well more
The must-have companion to Bill O Reilly s historical docudrama Legends and Lies The Patriots an exciting and eye-opening look at the Revolutionary War through the lives of its leadersThe American Revolution was neither inevitable nor a unanimous cause It pitted neighbors against each other as loyalists and colonial rebels faced off for their lives and futures These were the times that tried men s souls no one was on stable ground and few could be trusted Through the fascinating tales of the first Americans Legends and Lies The Patriots reveals the contentious arguments that turned friends into foes and the country into a warzone From the riots over a child s murder that led to the Boston Massacre to the suspicious return of Ben Franklin the First American from the Continental Army s first victory under George Washington s leadership to the little known southern Guerilla campaign of Swamp Fox Francis Marion and the celebration of America s first Christmas The Patriots recreates the amazing combination of resourcefulness perseverance strategy and luck that led to this country s creation Heavily illustrated with spectacular artwork that brings this important history to vivid life and told in the same fast-paced immersive narrative... as the first Legends and Lies The Patriots is an irresistible adventure-packed journey back into one of the most storied moments of our nation s rich history more
The 1 New York Times bestselling story about American Olympic triumph in Nazi Germany and now the inspiration for the forthcoming PBS documentary Boys of 36 For readers of Unbroken out of the depths of the Depression comes an irresistible story about beating the odds and finding hope in the most desperate of times the improbable intimate account of how nine working-class boys from the American West showed the world at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin what true grit really meant It was an unlikely quest from the start With a team composed of the sons of loggers shipyard workers and farmers the University of Washington s eight-oar crew team was never expected to defeat the elite teams of the East Coast and Great Britain yet they did going on to shock the world by defeating the German team rowing for Adolf Hitler The emotional heart of the tale lies with Joe Rantz a teenager without family or prospects who rows not only to regain his shattered self-regard but also to find a real place for himself in the world Drawing on the boys own journals and vivid memories of a once-in-a-lifetime shared dream Brown has created an unforgettable portrait of an era a celebration of a remarkable achievement and a chronicle of one extraordinary young man... s personal quest more
THE 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From the Pulitzer Prize-winning bestselling author of The Emperor of All Maladies a magnificent history of the gene and a response to the defining question of the future What becomes of being human when we learn to read and write our own genetic information Siddhartha Mukherjee has a written a biography of the gene as deft brilliant and illuminating as his extraordinarily successful biography of cancer Weaving science social history and personal narrative to tell us the story of one of the most important conceptual breakthroughs of modern times Mukherjee animates the quest to understand human heredity and its surprising influence on our lives personalities identities fates and choices Throughout the narrative the story of Mukherjee s own family with its tragic and bewildering history of mental illness cuts like a bright red line reminding us of the many questions that hang over our ability to translate the science of genetics from the laboratory to the real world In superb prose and with an instinct for the dramatic scene he describes the centuries of research and experimentation from Aristotle and Pythagoras to Mendel and Darwin from Boveri and Morgan to Crick Watson and Franklin all the way... through the revolutionary twenty-first century innovators who mapped the human genome As The New Yorker said of The Emperor of All Maladies It s hard to think of many books for a general audience that have rendered any area of modern science and technology with such intelligence accessibility and compassion An extraordinary achievement Riveting revelatory and magisterial history of a scientific idea coming to life and an essential preparation for the moral complexity introduced by our ability to create or write the human genome The Gene is a must-read for everyone concerned about the definition and future of humanity This is the most crucial science of our time intimately explained by a master more