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This access kit will provide you with a code to get into MyMathLab a personalized interactive learning environment where you can learn mathematics and statistics at your own pace and measure your progress In order to use MyMathLab you will need a CourseID provided by your instructor MyMathLab is not a self-study product and does require you to be in an instructor-led course This product is for the national MyMathLab access kit If your school has a custom MyMathLab course the printed access card will not work MyMathLab includes Interactive tutorial exercises MyMathLab s homework and practice exercises are correlated to the exercises in the relevant textbook and they regenerate algorithmically to give you unlimited opportunity for practice and mastery Most exercises are free-response and provide an intuitive math symbol palette for entering math notation Exercises include guided solutions sample problems and learning aids for extra help at point-of-use and they offer helpful feedback when students enter incorrect answers eBook with multimedia learning aids MyMathLab courses include a full eBook with a variety of multimedia resources available directly from selected examples and exercises on the page You can link out to learning... aids such as video clips and animations to improve their understanding of key concepts Study plan for self-paced learning MyMathLab s study plan helps you monitor your own progress letting you see at a glance exactly which topics you need to practice MyMathLab generates a personalized study plan for you based on your test results and the study plan links directly to interactive tutorial exercises for topics you haven t yet mastered You can regenerate these exercises with new values for unlimited practice and the exercises include guided solutions and multimedia learning aids to give students the extra help they need NOTE Access codes can only be used one time If you purchased a used book that claimed that it included an access code your code may already have been used and it will not work again In this case you must purchase a new access code For Customer Technical Support go to http 247pearsoned custhelp com Phone Support 800-677-6337 Please note the packaging on this product has changed whether you receive the current cover or earlier cover the product is still the same more
The Tenth Edition of the best-selling text Campbell BIOLOGY helps launch you to success in biology through its clear and engaging narrative superior pedagogy and innovative use of art and photos to promote student learning The Tenth Edition helps you develop a deeper understanding of biology by making connections visually across chapters and building the scientific skills needed for success in upper-level courses New Make Connections Figures pull together content from different chapters visually helping you see big picture relationships New Scientific Skills Exercises in every chapter use real data to build key skills needed for biology including data analysis graphing experimental design and math skills New examples show you how our ability to sequence DNA and proteins rapidly and inexpensively is transforming every subfield of biology
NOTE You are purchasing a standalone product MasteringA P does not come packaged with this content If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MasteringA P search for ISBN-10 0321927028 ISBN-13 9780321927026 That package includes ISBN-10 0321927044 ISBN-13 9780321927040 and ISBN-10 0133997022 ISBN-13 9780133997026 MasteringA P should only be purchased when required by an instructor For the two-semester A P course Setting the Standard for Innovation in A P Human Anatomy Physiology has launched the careers of more than three million healthcare professionals With the newly revised Tenth Edition Marieb and Hoehnintroduce a clear pathway through A P that helps students and instructors focus on key concepts and make meaningful connections Each chapter opens with a visual Chapter Roadmap that guides students through the material and shows how concepts are related within and across chapters The new modular organization makes key concepts more readily apparent and understandable to students and new videos help students see why the content matters in their course as well as their future careers As students master important concepts and follow a clear path through chapter content the expanded suite of learning tools in the book... and in MasteringA P ensure they don t get lost along the way Also Available with MasteringA P This title is also available with MasteringA P an online homework tutorial and assessment program designed to work with this text toengage students and improve results Within its structured environment students practice what they learn test their understanding andpursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts Students if interested in purchasing this title with MasteringA P ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN and Course ID Instructors contact your Pearson representative for more information more
The trusted innovative calibrated leader now tightly integrated with MasteringChemistry Unrivaled problems notable scientific accuracy and currency and remarkable clarity have made Chemistry The Central Science the leading general chemistry text for more than a decade Trusted innovative and calibrated the text increases conceptual understanding and student success in general chemistry by building on the expertise of the dynamic author team of leading researchers and award-winning professors The new Thirteenth Edition builds on the Twelfth Edition s major revision in which every word and piece of art was scrutinized by all the authors to increase its effectiveness Placing a greater emphasis on research this edition is more tightly integrated with MasteringChemistry the leading online homework tutorial and assessment program resulting in an unparalleled teaching and learning package that personalizes learning and coaches students toward understanding and mastery of tough chemistry topics This program presents a better teaching and learning experience for you and your students It provides Superior support beyond the classroom with MasteringChemistry Students benefit from personalized interactive learning through MasteringChemistry... s self-paced tutorials that guide them through the text s most challenging topics provide immediate specific feedback and keep students engaged and on track Enhanced learning from a dynamic author team of leading researchers and award-winning professors Each member of this well-respected author team brings their expertise in a wide range of areas to the pages of this popular text All authors have been active researchers and have taught general chemistry for many years Improved conceptual understanding through stepped up relevant pedagogy Students get numerous opportunities to test their knowledge through Give It Some Thought GIST exercises Go Figure questions and A Closer Look essays now integrated with clicker questions and in MasteringChemistry Invaluable aids that ensure problem-solving success By using a consistent process a unique Analyze Plan Solve Check format dual-column problem-solving approach in certain areas a new practice exercise following each worked example and the Strategies in Chemistry feature students are placed on the right path from the very start to excel at problem solving and comprehension Clarity through visualization from a variety of perspectives including macroscopic microscopic and symbolic Included are Visualizing Concepts exercises with models graphs and other visual materials sample exercises with molecular illustrations and conceptual questions in the end-of-chapter questions Note You are purchasing a standalone product MasteringChemistry does not come packaged with this content If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MasteringChemistry search for ISBN-10 0321864409 ISBN-13 9780321864406 That package includes ISBN-10 0321910419 ISBN-13 9780321910417 and ISBN-10 0321934245 ISBN-13 9780321934246 MasteringChemistry is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor more
Success in your calculus course starts here James Stewart s CALCULUS EARLY TRANSCENDENTALS texts are world-wide best-sellers for a reason they are clear accurate and filled with relevant real-world examples With CALCULUS EARLY TRANSCENDENTALS Eighth Edition Stewart conveys not only the utility of calculus to help you develop technical competence but also gives you an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of the subject His patient examples and built-in learning aids will help you build your mathematical confidence and achieve your goals in the course
100 Carbonless duplicate pages sequentially numbered Copy bottom page perforated Fully laminated front and back cover Back cover folds over to prevent bleed through between sets Durable plasticoil spiral binding allows notebook to lie flat Cover contains most up-to-date Periodic Table and general lab reference information Table of Contents page and How to Keep a Laboratory Notebook guidelines included
ALERT This is a standalone book and does not contain an access code If you would like to purchase the version that includes the Access Card Package please visit http www amazon com dp 0321804716 Chemistry A Molecular Approach Third Edition is an innovative pedagogically driven text that explains challenging concepts in a student-oriented manner Nivaldo Tro creates a rigorous and accessible treatment of general chemistry in the context of relevance and the big picture Chemistry is presented visually through multi-level images macroscopic molecular and symbolic representations helping students see the connections between the world they see around them macroscopic the atoms and molecules that compose the world molecular and the formulas they write down on paper symbolic The hallmarks of Dr Tro s problem-solving approach are reinforced through interactive media that provide students with an office-hour type of environment built around worked examples and expanded coverage on the latest developments in chemistry Pioneering features allow students to sketch their ideas through new problems and much more
Clear writing and illustrations Clear explanations of difficult concepts Clear communication of the ways in biochemistry is currently understood and practiced For over 35 years in edition after bestselling edition Principles of Biochemistry has put those defining principles into practice guiding students through a coherent introduction to the essentials of biochemistry without overwhelming them The new edition brings this remarkable text into a new era Like its predecessors Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry Sixth Edition strikes a careful balance of current science and enduring concepts incorporating a tremendous amount of new findings but only those that help illustrate biochemistry s foundational principles With this edition students will encounter new information emerging from high throughput DNA sequencing x-ray crystallography and the manipulation of genes and gene expression and other techniques In addition students will see how contemporary biochemistry has shifted away from exploring metabolic pathways in isolation to focusing on interactions among pathways They will also get an updated understanding of the relevance of biochemistry to the study of human disease especially diabetes as well as the important role of... evolutionary theory in biochemical research These extensive content changes as well as new art and powerful new learning technologies make this edition of Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry the most impressive yet See what s in the LaunchPadmore
ALERT Before you purchase check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you select the correct ISBN Several versions of Pearson s MyLab Mastering products exist for each title including customized versions for individual schools and registrations are not transferable In addition you may need a CourseID provided by your instructor to register for and use Pearson s MyLab Mastering products Student can use the URL and phone number below to help answer their questions http 247pearsoned custhelp com app home 800-677-6337 Packages Access codes for Pearson s MyLab Mastering products may not be included when purchasing or renting from companies other than Pearson check with the seller before completing your purchase Used or rental books If you rent or purchase a used book with an access code the access code may have been redeemed previously and you may have to purchase a new access code Access codes Access codes that are purchased from sellers other than Pearson carry a higher risk of being either the wrong ISBN or a previously redeemed code Check with the seller prior to purchase -- MyStatLab from Pearson is the world s leading online resource in statistics integrating interactive homework assessment and... media in a flexible easy to use format MyStatLab is a course management system that delivers proven results in helping individual students succeed It provides engaging experiences that personalize stimulate and measure learning for each student Tools are embedded to make it easy to integrate statistical software into the course And it comes from an experienced partner with educational expertise and an eye on the future MyStatLab leverages the power of the web-based statistical software StatCrunch and includes access to www StatCrunch com To learn more about how MyStatLab combines proven learning applications with powerful assessment visit www mystatlab com more
Organic chemistry is not merely a compilation of principles but rather it is a disciplined method of thought and analysis Success in organic chemistry requires mastery in two core aspects fundamental concepts and the skills needed to apply those concepts and solve problems Readers must learn to become proficient at approaching new situations methodically based on a repertoire of skills These skills are vital for successful problem solving in organic chemistry Existing textbooks provide extensive coverage of the principles but there is far less emphasis on the skills needed to actually solve problems