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Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who taught the world how to fly Wilbur and Orville Wright On a winter day in 1903 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened the age of flight had begun with the first heavier-than-air powered machine carrying a pilot Who were these men and how was it that they achieved what they did David McCullough two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize tells the surprising profoundly American story of Wilbur and Orville Wright Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success they were men of exceptional courage and determination and of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity much of which they attributed to their upbringing The house they lived in had no electricity or indoor plumbing but there were books aplenty supplied mainly by their preacher father and they never stopped reading When they worked together no problem seemed to be insurmountable Wilbur was unquestionably a genius Orville had such mechanical ingenuity as few had ever seen That they... had no more than a public high school education little money and no contacts in high places never stopped them in their mission to take to the air Nothing did not even the self-evident reality that every time they took off in one of their contrivances they risked being killed In this thrilling book master historian David McCullough draws on the immense riches of the Wright Papers including private diaries notebooks scrapbooks and more than a thousand letters from private family correspondence to tell the human side of the Wright Brothers story including the little-known contributions of their sister Katharine without whom things might well have gone differently for them more
In Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future veteran technology journalist Ashlee Vance provides the first inside look into the extraordinary life and times of Silicon Valley s most audacious entrepreneur Written with exclusive access to Musk his family and friends the book traces the entrepreneur s journey from a rough upbringing in South Africa to the pinnacle of the global business world Vance spent more than 30 hours in conversation with Musk and interviewed close to 300 people to tell the tumultuous stories of Musk s world-changing companies PayPal Tesla Motors SpaceX and SolarCity and to characterize a man who has renewed American industry and sparked new levels of innovation while making plenty of enemies along the way Vance uses Musk s story to explore one of the pressing questions of our time can the nation of inventors and creators which led the modern world for a century still compete in an age of fierce global competition He argues that Musk--one of the most unusual and striking figures in American business history--is a contemporary amalgam of legendary inventors and industrialists like Thomas Edison Henry Ford Howard Hughes and Steve Jobs More than any other entrepreneur today Musk has dedicated... his energies and his own vast fortune to inventing a future that is as rich and far-reaching as the visionaries of the golden age of science-fiction fantasy more
From the creator of the webcomic xkcd and author of the 1 New York Times bestseller What If a series of brilliantly and simply annotated blueprints that explain everything from nuclear bombs to ballpoint pens Have you ever tried to read up on some incredible part of the world only to find yourself faced with incomprehensible terminology and jargon It s nice to know what the parts of a thing are called but it s even more interesting to know what they do What if you had something that could clearly explain it all using simple words Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe does just that Using line drawings and only the thousand or rather ten hundred most common words he provides simple explanations for some of the world s most interesting things our food-heating radio boxes microwaves our very tall roads bridges and our computer buildings datacenters He also explains the other worlds around our sun the solar system the big flat rocks we live on tectonic plates and even the stuff inside us cells Where do these things come from How do they work What do they look like if you open them up What would life be like without them And what would happen if we heated them up cooled them down pointed them in a different direction or pressed this... button In Thing Explainer Munroe gives us the answers to these questions and so many more Funny interesting and always understandable this book is for anyone age 5 to 105 who has ever wondered how things work and why more
From the creator of the wildly popular webcomic xkcd hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask Millions of people visit xkcd com each week to read Randall Munroe s iconic webcomic His stick-figure drawings about science technology language and love have a large and passionate following Fans of xkcd ask Munroe a lot of strange questions What if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90 percent the speed of light How fast can you hit a speed bump while driving and live If there was a robot apocalypse how long would humanity last In pursuit of answers Munroe runs computer simulations pores over stacks of declassified military research memos solves differential equations and consults with nuclear reactor operators His responses are masterpieces of clarity and hilarity complemented by signature xkcd comics They often predict the complete annihilation of humankind or at least a really big explosion The book features new and never-before-answered questions along with updated and expanded versions of the most popular answers from the xkcd website What If will be required reading for xkcd fans and anyone who loves to ponder the hypothetical
When Oliver Sacks was twelve years old a perceptive schoolmaster wrote in his report Sacks will go far if he does not go too far It is now abundantly clear that Sacks has never stopped going From its opening pages on his youthful obsession with motorcycles and speed On the Move is infused with his restless energy As he recounts his experiences as a young neurologist in the early 1960s first in California where he struggled with drug addiction and then in New York where he discovered a long-forgotten illness in the back wards of a chronic hospital we see how his engagement with patients comes to define his life With unbridled honesty and humor Sacks shows us that the same energy that drives his physical passions weight lifting and swimming also drives his cerebral passions He writes about his love affairs both romantic and intellectual his guilt over leaving his family to come to America his bond with his schizophrenic brother and the writers and scientists Thom Gunn A R Luria W H Auden Gerald M Edelman Francis Crick who influenced him On the Move is the story of a brilliantly unconventional physician and writer and of the man who has illuminated the many ways that the brain makes us human
With a focus on beauty and variety the best-selling Flower Designs Coloring Book for adults will delight and entertain both beginners and advanced colorists Illustrator Jenean Morrison has created 50 original designs printed on the fronts of the pages only These highly detailed images feature a lovely mix of both stylized and hand-drawn flowers The page layouts vary nicely with floral-infused mandalas blooming bouquets repeat patterns and singular frame-worthy works of art Flower Designs was recently published in France and Brazil with editions coming soon to Turkey and Poland Connect with Jenean on Instagram-- JeneanMorrison--to share your colored pages and for creative coloring inspiration
Firebrand conservative columnist commentator Internet entrepreneur and 1 New York Times bestselling author Michelle Malkin tells the fascinating little-known stories of the inventors who have contributed to American exceptionalism and technological progress In July 2012 President Obama infamously proclaimed If you ve got a business you didn t build that Somebody else made that happen Malkin wholeheartedly disagrees Who Built That is a rousing tribute to the hidden American capitalists who pioneered everyday inventions They re the little big things we take for granted bottle caps and glassware tissue paper flashlights railroad signals bridge cables revolutionary plastics and more Malkin takes readers on an eclectic journey of American capitalism from the colonial period to the Industrial Age to the present spotlighting awe-inspiring and little-known tinkerpreneurs who achieved their dreams of doing well by doing good You ll learn how famous patent holders Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain championed the nation s unique system of intellectual property rights how glass manufacturing mavericks Edward Libbey and Mike Owens defied naysayers to revolutionize food beverage and pharmaceutical packaging how penniless Croatian immigrant... Anthony Maglica started his 400 million Maglite flashlight business in a rented garage and many more riveting stories that explain our country s fertile climate for scientific advancement and entrepreneurship To understand who we are as people we need to first understand what motivates America s ordinary and extraordinary makers and risk-takers Driven by her own experience as a second-generation beneficiary of the American Dream Malkin skillfully and passionately rebuts collectivist orthodoxy to celebrate the engineers mechanics designers artisans and relentless tinkerers of all backgrounds who embody our nation s spirit of self-made entrepreneurialism more
Major New York Times bestsellerWinner of the National Academy of Sciences Best Book Award in 2012Selected by the New York Times Book Review as one of the best books of 2011A Globe and Mail Best Books of the Year 2011 TitleOne of The Economist s 2011 Books of the Year One of The Wall Street Journal s Best Nonfiction Books of the Year 20112013 Presidential Medal of Freedom RecipientIn the international bestseller Thinking Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman the renowned psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics takes us on a groundbreaking tour of the mind and explains the two systems that drive the way we think System 1 is fast intuitive and emotional System 2 is slower more deliberative and more logical The impact of overconfidence on corporate strategies the difficulties of predicting what will make us happy in the future the profound effect of cognitive biases on everything from playing the stock market to planning our next vacation--each of these can be understood only by knowing how the two systems shape our judgments and decisions Engaging the reader in a lively conversation about how we think Kahneman reveals where we can and cannot trust our intuitions and how we can tap into the benefits of slow thinking He offers... practical and enlightening insights into how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives--and how we can use different techniques to guard against the mental glitches that often get us into trouble Winner of the National Academy of Sciences Best Book Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and selected by The New York Times Book Review as one of the ten best books of 2011 Thinking Fast and Slow is destined to be a classic more
This access kit will provide you with a code to get into MyMathLab a personalized interactive learning environment where you can learn mathematics and statistics at your own pace and measure your progress In order to use MyMathLab you will need a CourseID provided by your instructor MyMathLab is not a self-study product and does require you to be in an instructor-led course This product is for the national MyMathLab access kit If your school has a custom MyMathLab course the printed access card will not work MyMathLab includes Interactive tutorial exercises MyMathLab s homework and practice exercises are correlated to the exercises in the relevant textbook and they regenerate algorithmically to give you unlimited opportunity for practice and mastery Most exercises are free-response and provide an intuitive math symbol palette for entering math notation Exercises include guided solutions sample problems and learning aids for extra help at point-of-use and they offer helpful feedback when students enter incorrect answers eBook with multimedia learning aids MyMathLab courses include a full eBook with a variety of multimedia resources available directly from selected examples and exercises on the page You can link out to learning... aids such as video clips and animations to improve their understanding of key concepts Study plan for self-paced learning MyMathLab s study plan helps you monitor your own progress letting you see at a glance exactly which topics you need to practice MyMathLab generates a personalized study plan for you based on your test results and the study plan links directly to interactive tutorial exercises for topics you haven t yet mastered You can regenerate these exercises with new values for unlimited practice and the exercises include guided solutions and multimedia learning aids to give students the extra help they need NOTE Access codes can only be used one time If you purchased a used book that claimed that it included an access code your code may already have been used and it will not work again In this case you must purchase a new access code For Customer Technical Support go to http 247pearsoned custhelp com Phone Support 800-677-6337 Please note the packaging on this product has changed whether you receive the current cover or earlier cover the product is still the same more
Shortlisted for both the Guardian First Book Prize and the Costa Book AwardLonglisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-FictionA Finalist for the Pol Roger Duff Cooper PrizeA Finalist for the Wellcome Book PrizeA Financial Times Best Book of the YearAn Economist Best Book of the YearWhat is it like to be a brain surgeon How does it feel to hold someone s life in your hands to cut into the stuff that creates thought feeling and reason How do you live with the consequences of performing a potentially lifesaving operation when it all goes wrong In neurosurgery more than in any other branch of medicine the doctor s oath to do no harm holds a bitter irony Operations on the brain carry grave risks Every day leading neurosurgeon Henry Marsh must make agonizing decisions often in the face of great urgency and uncertainty If you believe that brain surgery is a precise and exquisite craft practiced by calm and detached doctors this gripping brutally honest account will make you think again With astonishing compassion and candor Marsh reveals the fierce joy of operating the profoundly moving triumphs the harrowing disasters the haunting regrets and the moments of black humor that characterize a brain surgeon s life Do No Harm provides... unforgettable insight into the countless human dramas that take place in a busy modern hospital Above all it is a lesson in the need for hope when faced with life s most difficult decisions more