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Get the recipes everyone is talking about in the debut cookbook from the wildly popular blog Skinnytaste Gina Homolka is America s most trusted home cook when it comes to easy flavorful recipes that are miraculously low-calorie and made from all-natural easy-to-find ingredients Her blog Skinnytaste is the number one go-to site for slimmed down recipes that you d swear are anything but It only takes one look to see why people go crazy for Gina s food cheesy creamy Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli with only 420 calories per serving breakfast dishes like Make-Ahead Western Omelet Muffins that truly fill you up until lunchtime and sweets such as Double Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies that are low in sugar and butter-free but still totally indulgent The Skinnytaste Cookbook features 150 amazing recipes 125 all-new dishes and 25 must-have favorites As a busy mother of two Gina started Skinnytaste when she wanted to lose a few pounds herself She turned to Weight Watchers for help and liked the program but struggled to find enough tempting recipes to help her stay on track Instead she started skinny-fying her favorite meals so that she could eat happily while losing weight With 100 stunning photographs and detailed nutritional... information for every recipe The Skinnytaste Cookbook is an incredible resource of fulfilling joy-inducing meals that every home cook will love more
For the first time trusted and beloved cookbook author Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa answers the number one question she receives from cooks Can I make it ahead If you ve ever found yourself stuck in front of the stove at your own party scrambling to get everything to the table at just the right moment Ina is here to let you in on her secrets Thanks to twenty years of running a specialty food store and fifteen years writing cookbooks she has learned exactly which dishes you can prep assemble or cook ahead of time Whether you re hosting a party or simply making dinner on a hectic weeknight Ina gives you lots of amazing recipes that taste just as good or even better when they re made in advance In Make It Ahead each recipe includes clear instructions for what you can do ahead of time and how far in advance so you can cook with confidence and eliminate last-minute surprises Make a pitcher of Summer Ros Sangria filled with red berries let it chill overnight for the flavors to develop and you have a delicious drink to offer your friends the minute they arrive Simmer a pot of Wild Mushroom Farro Soup enjoy a bowl for lunch and freeze the rest for a chilly evening You can prep the kale Brussels sprouts and lemon vinaigrette for... Winter Slaw ahead of time and simply toss them together before serving Assemble French Chicken Pot Pies filled with artichokes and fresh tarragon a day in advance and then pop them in the oven half an hour before dinner And for dessert everyone needs the recipe for Ina s Decadent gluten-free Chocolate Cake topped with Make-Ahead Whipped Cream Ina also includes recipes for the biggest cooking day of the year Thanksgiving Her Ultimate Make-Ahead Roast Turkey and Gravy with Onions Sage may just change your life With beautiful photographs and hundreds of invaluable make-ahead tips this is your new go-to guide for preparing meals that are stress-free yet filled with those fabulously satisfying flavors that you have come to expect from the Barefoot Contessa more
Thug Kitchen started their wildly popular web site to inspire people to eat some Goddamn vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle Beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow This might be my favorite thing ever and named Saveur s Best New Food blog of 2013 with half a million Facebook fans and counting Thug Kitchen wants to show everyone how to take charge of their plates and cook up some real f cking food Yeah plenty of blogs and cookbooks preach about how to eat more kale why ginger fights inflammation and how to cook with microgreens and nettles But they are dull or pretentious as hell and most people can t afford the hype Thug Kitchen lives in the real world In their first cookbook they re throwing down more than 100 recipes for their best-loved meals snacks and sides for beginning cooks to home chefs Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos Pumpkin Chili Grilled Peach Salsa Believe that sh t Plus they re going to arm you with all the info and techniques you need to shop on a budget and go and kick a bunch of ass on your own This book is an invitation to everyone who wants to do better to elevate their kitchen game No more ketchup and pizza counting as vegetables No more drive-thru lines No more avoiding the produce corner of the supermarket... Sh t is about to get real more
The creator of the 100 Days of Real Food blog draws from her hugely popular website to offer simple affordable family-friendly recipes and practical advice for eliminating processed foods from your family s diet Inspired by Michael Pollan s In Defense of Food Lisa Leake decided her family s eating habits needed an overhaul She her husband and their two small girls pledged to go 100 days without eating highly processed or refined foods a challenge she opened to readers on her blog Now she shares their story offering insights and cost-conscious recipes everyone can use to enjoy wholesome natural food whole grains fruits and vegetables seafood locally raised meats natural juices dried fruit seeds popcorn natural honey and more Illustrated with 125 photographs and filled with step-by-step instructions this hands-on cookbook and guide includes Advice for navigating the grocery store and making smart purchases Tips for reading ingredient labels 100 quick and easy recipes for such favorites as Homemade Chicken Nuggets Whole Wheat Pasta with Kale Pesto Cream Sauce and Cinnamon Glazed Popcorn Meal plans and suggestions for kid-pleasing school lunches parties and snacks Real Food anecdotes from the Leakes own experiences A 10-day mini... starter-program and much more more
Using just one pan you can stew steam saut simmer braise or roast your way to a fuss-free meal and minimal cleanup to boot At the end of a busy day you want to serve a delicious home-cooked dinner a complete all-in-one meal that can be prepared with little effort and few pans to wash The editors of Martha Stewart Living present a brand-new collection of 120 recipes organized by vessel to help you do just that all while adding savory new dishes to your weekly rotation One Pot is an exciting new way to approach everyday cooking Imagine perfect pasta dishes for which everything goes in the pot at once yes that s pasta tomato garlic basil and water all cooked together dinner-party ready roasts with tender vegetables and down-home casseroles along with wholesome fish chicken and vegetarian dishes You ll get incredible flavor payoff from dishes such as comforting Chicken and Dumplings easy Baked Risotto with Carrots and Squash healthy Broiled Striped Bass with Tomatoes hearty Pork Chops with Bacon and Cabbage and the delectable Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie each of which takes less than an hour from start to finish Here too are a dozen outstanding recipes for surprising and simple desserts that can be ready when you are With chapters... devoted to your essential cooking vessels stockpot skillet slow cooker and more this book is sure to streamline your meals and to satisfy the people you share them with Recipes include DUTCH OVEN Beef Stew with Noodles Chicken and Dumplings Baked Risotto Texas Red Chili Cajun Stew SLOW COOKER Pulled Pork Corned Beef and Cabbage Classic Pot Roast Lamb Shanks and Potatoes Garlic Chicken with Barley SKILLET SAUT PAN Spinach Pie Poached Cod with Tomatoes Three-Cheese Lasagna Macaroni and Cheese Stir-Fried Chicken with Bok Choy ROASTING PAN BAKING DISH Rib-Eye with Root Vegetables Roast Chicken with Herb Butter Salmon with Kale Roast Beef with Acorn Squash Tuscan Pork Roast PRESSURE COOKER Short Ribs with Potato-Carrot Mash Kale and White Bean Soup Chicken Cacciatore Easy Chickpea Curry Beef Stroganoff STOCKPOT Classic Chicken Soup Split Pea Soup Gemelli with Pesto and Potatoes Corn and Shrimp Chowder Pasta with Farm-Stand Vegetables DESSERTS Peach Crumble Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie Baked Blackberry Custard Raspberry Sorbet Molten Chocolate Cupcakesmore
Beloved food blogger and New York Times bestselling author Danielle Walker is back with over 100 new Paleo recipes in her sophomore cookbook Meals Made Simple a collection of gluten-free dairy-free and Paleo-friendly recipes for easy weeknight meals Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at twenty-two Danielle Walker spent many years in and out of the hospital and on high dosages of debilitating medications before taking her health into her own hands and drastically changing her diet In a true lemons-to-lemonade story Danielle transformed her adversities into opportunities and created her wildly successful blog Against All Grain in an effort to help those in need eat well and feel great without feeling deprived With recipes that make cooking for the grain-free family both easy and enjoyable Meals Made Simple answers the age-old question What s for dinner Danielle Walker takes the guesswork out of meal planning with eight weeks worth of dinner ideas complete with full shopping lists and recipes for using up leftovers Whether we re moms students or business owners at the end of the day we all want fresh home-cooked meals that are easy to prepare And we want lots of variety Preparing real foods can be time-consuming and monotonous but... Danielle brings both simplicity and creativity to the everyday meal with an enthusiasm for flavors and textures that are often lacking in easy weeknight dishes Meals Made Simple includes a variety of slow cooker one-pot and thirty-minute meals as well as ways to create entirely new dishes from leftovers As in her critically acclaimed first cookbook Against All Grain Danielle offers special tidbits to help ensure that your meals turn out picture-perfect The vibrant flavors and colors in these grain-free dishes like slow-cooked Pork Ragu Beef Stroganoff Peruvian-Style Chicken Chicken and Rice Casserole and Barbecue Salmon with Peach Salsa add delight to any meal and put an end to all those nights of mundane grilled chicken and steamed vegetables Even the desserts are quick to make should a craving or a last-minute celebration arise Features include make-ahead options 8 weeks worth of dinner ideas nutritional facts for every recipe shopping lists for fast grocery runs suggestions for how best to use leftovers slow cooker one-pot and 30-minute recipesmore
Trim Healthy Mama No More Fads A Common Sense Guide To Satisfy Your Cravings And Energize Your Life By Pearl Barrett Serene Allison For Women Of All Ages And Stages Over 250 Recipes Proven Ways to Lose Weight How to Balance your Hormones How to Re-fire your Metabolism Make your Skin Glow Ignite Marriage Intimacy Simple but Effective Exercise Plan for Pregnant Mothers too Answers for Postmenopausal Women
The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse will jump-start your weight loss increase your energy level clear your mind and improve your overall health Made up of supernutrients from leafy greens and fruits green smoothies are filling and healthy and you will enjoy drinking them Your body will also thank you for drinking them as your health and energy improve to levels you never thought possible It is an experience that could change your life if you stick with it This book provides a shopping list recipes and detailed instructions for the 10-day cleanse along with suggestions for getting the best results It also offers advice on how to continue to lose weight and maintain good health afterwards Are you ready to look slimmer healthier and sexier than you have in years Then get ready to begin the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse If you successfully complete the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse you will Lose 10 15 pounds in 10 days Get rid of stubborn body fat including belly fat Drop pounds and inches fast without grueling workouts Learn to live a healthier lifestyle of detoxing and healthy eating Naturally crave healthy foods so you never have to diet again Receive over 100 recipes for various health conditions and goals
The authorized companion to the 1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain with more than 150 life-changing gluten-free recipes for complete health and vitality Dr David Perlmutter s groundbreaking bestseller Grain Brain revolutionized the way we think about our health exposing the devastating effects of wheat sugar and carbs on the brain and empowering us with new knowledge By eating the right foods you can profoundly affect how your brain will be working next year in five years and for the rest of your life The Grain Brain Cookbook equips you to do just that presenting more than 150 delectable recipes to keep your brain vibrant and your body fit all while dramatically reducing your risk for - and treating - Alzheimer s depression ADHD and epilepsy as well as relieving more common everyday conditions like chronic headaches insomnia anxiety and senior moments of forgetfulness The meals in this book are wholesome easy to prepare and best of all delicious to eat making your transition to a gluten-free life seamless satisfying and stress-free in the kitchen Enjoy a terrific selection of options for every meal including Eggs Benedict with Zucchini Pancakes for breakfast Spicy Chicken Burgers with Guacamole for lunch Gruyere-Glazed Pork... Chops and Cauliflower Couscous for dinner Curried Almonds and Kale Chips for snacks Coconut-Cashew Bars for dessert and many more What you eat is the most important decision you make every day in terms of your health and once you ve tasted how good the Grain Brain diet can be you ll want to keep making the right choices day after day The Grain Brain Cookbook gives you all the tools you need to shift your body away from dependence on carbs cut gluten from your diet eliminate sugar cravings for good embrace healthy fats and establish a new mealtime repertoire for long-term vibrant living more
Having battled an autoimmune disease the modern-medicine way for many years Danielle Walker took matters into her own hands and set out to regain her health through the medicine of food After four years of turning her kitchen into a laboratory for revamping her culinary point of view Danielle mastered the art of grain-free dairy-free and gluten-free cooking--and improved her well-being eliminating all her ailments A self-trained chef Danielle is the new face of grain-free and gluten-free cooking tempting foodies of all stripes with her innovative accessible recipes for delicious vibrant Paleo food Paying homage to the dishes she loved from her pre-Paleo life she has ingeniously recreated all of her favorites without grains gluten or dairy in her first-ever cookbook Coupling her delightful recipes with elegant photography Danielle takes you on a multicourse Paleo and gluten-free culinary journey from appetizers to dessert Because Danielle knows that she s not the only one with a finicky toddler at the dinner table she has included a special children s section with amusing dishes that will bring joy to any child and also pass any mom s test for wholesome ingredients Omitting grains gluten dairy and refined sugar doesn t correlate... with omitting taste in these recipes Easy-to-follow instructions are complemented by mouthwatering photos that seem to burst off the page with flavor Danielle s recipes are sure to leave you feeling satisfied and exhilarated rather than deprived more