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1 New York Times BestsellerThere have been many books on a large and small scale about Steve Jobs one of the most famous CEOs in history But this book is different from all the others Becoming Steve Jobs takes on and breaks down the existing myth and stereotypes about Steve Jobs The conventional one-dimensional view of Jobs is that he was half-genius half-jerk from youth an irascible and selfish leader who slighted friends and family alike Becoming Steve Jobs answers the central question about the life and career of the Apple cofounder and CEO How did a young man so reckless and arrogant that he was exiled from the company he founded become the most effective visionary business leader of our time ultimately transforming the daily life of billions of people Drawing on incredible and sometimes exclusive access Schlender and Tetzeli tell a different story of a real human being who wrestled with his failings and learned to maximize his strengths over time Their rich compelling narrative is filled with stories never told before from the people who knew Jobs best and who decided to open up to the authors including his family former inner circle executives and top people at Apple Pixar and Disney most notably Tim Cook Jony Ive Eddy Cue... Ed Catmull John Lasseter Robert Iger and many others In addition Brent knew Jobs personally for 25 years and draws upon his many interviews with him on and off the record in writing the book He and Rick humanize the man and explain rather than simply describe his behavior Along the way the book provides rich context about the technology revolution we all have lived through and the ways in which Jobs changed our world Schlender and Tetzeli make clear that Jobs s astounding success at Apple was far more complicated than simply picking the right products he became more patient he learned to trust his inner circle and discovered the importance of growing the company incrementally rather than only shooting for dazzling game-changing products A rich and revealing account that will change the way we view Jobs Becoming Steve Jobs shows us how one of the most colorful and compelling figures of our times was able to combine his unchanging relentless passion with a more mature management style to create one of the most valuable and beloved companies on the planet more
As a result of a rigorous methodical process that ISC follows to routinely update its credential exams it has announced that enhancements will be made to both the Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP credential beginning April 15 2015 ISC conducts this process on a regular basis to ensure that the examinations and subsequent training and continuing professional education requirements encompass the topic areas relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today s practicing information security professionals Refreshed technical content has been added to the official ISC CISSP CBK to reflect the most current topics in the information security industry today Some topics have been expanded e g asset security security assessment and testing while other topics have been realigned under different domains The result is an exam that most accurately reflects the technical and managerial competence required from an experienced information security professional to effectively design engineer implement and manage an organization s information security program within an ever-changing security landscape The domain names have been updated as follows CISSP Domains Effective April 15 2015 Security and Risk Management Security... Risk Compliance Law Regulations Business Continuity Asset Security Protecting Security of Assets Security Engineering Engineering and Management of Security Communications and Network Security Designing and Protecting Network Security Identity and Access Management Controlling Access and Managing Identity Security Assessment and Testing Designing Performing and Analyzing Security Testing Security Operations Foundational Concepts Investigations Incident Management Disaster Recovery Software Development Security Understanding Applying and Enforcing Software Security Some candidates may be wondering how these updates affect training materials for the CISSP credential As part of the organization s comprehensive education strategy and certifying body best practices ISC training materials do not teach directly to its credential examinations Rather ISC Education is focused on teaching the core competencies relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today s practicing information security professional It is designed to refresh and enhance the knowledge of experienced industry professionals more
Now in the 5th edition Cracking the Coding Interview gives you the interview preparation you need to get the top software developer jobs This is a deeply technical book and focuses on the software engineering skills to ace your interview The book is over 500 pages and includes 150 programming interview questions and answers as well as other advice The full list of topics are as follows The Interview ProcessThis section offers an overview on questions are selected and how you will be evaluated What happens when you get a question wrong When should you start preparing and how What language should you use All these questions and more are answered Behind the ScenesLearn what happens behind the scenes during your interview how decisions really get made who you interview with and what they ask you Companies covered include Google Amazon Yahoo Microsoft Apple and Facebook Special SituationsThis section explains the process for experience candidates Program Managers Dev Managers Testers SDETs and more Learn what your interviewers are looking for and how much code you need to know Before the InterviewIn order to ace the interview you first need to get an interview This section describes what a software engineer s resume should look like... and what you should be doing well before your interview Behavioral PreparationAlthough most of a software engineering interview will be technical behavioral questions matter too This section covers how to prepare for behavioral questions and how to give strong structured responses Technical Questions 5 Algorithm Approaches This section covers how to prepare for technical questions without wasting your time and teaches actionable ways to solve the trickiest algorithm problems It also teaches you what exactly good coding is when it comes to an interview 150 Programming Questions and AnswersThis section forms the bulk of the book Each section opens with a discussion of the core knowledge and strategies to tackle this type of question diving into exactly how you break down and solve it Topics covered include Arrays and StringsLinked ListsStacks and QueuesTrees and GraphsBit ManipulationBrain TeasersMathematics and ProbabilityObject-Oriented DesignRecursion and Dynamic ProgrammingSorting and SearchingScalability and Memory LimitsTestingC and C JavaDatabasesThreads and LocksFor the widest degree of readability the solutions are almost entirely written with Java with the exception of C C questions A link is provided with the book so that you can download compile and play with the solutions yourself Changes from the Fourth Edition The fifth edition includes over 200 pages of new content bringing the book from 300 pages to over 500 pages Major revisions were done to almost every solution including a number of alternate solutions added The introductory chapters were massively expanded as were the opening of each of the chapters under Technical Questions In addition 24 new questions were added Cracking the Coding Interview Fifth Edition is the most expansive detailed guide on how to ace your software development programming interviews more
Bundled With Exclusive Bonus Items - The Witcher Grimoire This 96-page book of lore is brimming with rare knowledge about the lands monsters people and pastimes of the world of The Witcher Created by David S Hodgson this book can only be found in the Collectible Hardcover Guide - Art Section featuring more than 30 pages devoted to the beautiful world of The Witcher 3 Collectible Hardcover Guide Includes - Deluxe foil stamped hardcover strategy guide featuring exclusive art specifically created by the artists at CD Projekt Red - 100 complete walkthrough for all the quests in the game - Comprehensive Witcher Training including lengthy tutorials for combat skills and abilities crafting the game of Gwent and more - A full atlas of locations and detailed information devoted to the areas within the world of The Witcher - Complete bestiary covering all types of foes and monsters in the world of The Witcher 3 discover the best strategies for dispatching every enemy you face - Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content all optimized for a second-screen experience These limited edition guides will only be printed once When they are sold out they will be gone forever
A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe official book behind the Academy Award-winning film The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira KnightleyIt is only a slight exaggeration to say that the British mathematician Alan Turing 1912-1954 saved the Allies from the Nazis invented the computer and artificial intelligence and anticipated gay liberation by decades--all before his suicide at age forty-one This New York Times bestselling biography of the founder of computer science with a new preface by the author that addresses Turing s royal pardon in 2013 is the definitive account of an extraordinary mind and life Capturing both the inner and outer drama of Turing s life Andrew Hodges tells how Turing s revolutionary idea of 1936--the concept of a universal machine--laid the foundation for the modern computer and how Turing brought the idea to practical realization in 1945 with his electronic design The book also tells how this work was directly related to Turing s leading role in breaking the German Enigma ciphers during World War II a scientific triumph that was critical to Allied victory in the Atlantic At the same time this is the tragic account of a man who despite his wartime service was eventually arrested stripped of... his security clearance and forced to undergo a humiliating treatment program--all for trying to live honestly in a society that defined homosexuality as a crime The inspiration for a major motion picture starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley Alan Turing The Enigma is a gripping story of mathematics computers cryptography and homosexual persecution more
Dark Horse Books and Nintendo team up to bring you The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia containing an unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art the full history of Hyrule the official chronology of the games and much more Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer of Donkey Kong Mario and The Legend of Zelda Shigeru Miyamoto this book is crammed full of information about the storied history of Link s adventures from the creators themselves As a bonus The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia includes an exclusive comic by the foremost creator of The Legend of Zelda manga Akira Himekawa
The bestselling CompTIA A reference and test preparation guide--fully revised for the new 2012 exam topics Written by the leading authority on CompTIA A certification and training the new edition of this trusted resource offers complete up-to-date coverage of CompTIA A exams 220-801 and 220-802 You ll find learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter exam tips practice exam questions and in-depth explanations Prepare for the exams with confidence McGraw-Hill is a Gold-Level CompTIA Authorized Partner offering Authorized CompTIA Approved Quality Content to give you the competitive edge on exam day This comprehensive guide also serves as an essential on-the-job reference after certification Covers all exam objectives including how to Work with CPUs RAM BIOS settings motherboards power supplies and other PC components Install configure and troubleshoot hard drives Manage input devices and removable media Install upgrade and troubleshoot Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7 Troubleshoot all common PC problems Install video and multimedia cards Work with smartphones tablets and other mobile devices Install and configure wired and wireless networks Connect to the Internet Protect your PC and your network Install configure... and manage printers Work with virtualization technologies Understand safety and environmental issues Electronic content includes Practice exams for 801 802 with hundreds of questions More than one hour of free video training from Mike Meyers A collection of Mike s latest favorite shareware and freeware PC tools and utilities Adobe Digital Edition eBook free download subject to Adobe s system requirements more
This updated manual presents computer science test takers with--Three AP practice tests for the Level A course including a diagnostic testCharts detailing the topics for each test questionAll test questions answered and explainedA subject review covers static variables the List interface Integer MAX VALUE and Integer MIN VALUE The practice exams contain several new questions on two-dimensional arrays and reflect the new free-response style used on the 2012 AP exam An optional book with CD-ROM presents two more model AP exams with answers explanations automatic scoring for multiple-choice questions and a scoring chart BONUS ONLINE PRACTICE TEST Students who purchase this book or package will also get FREE access to one additional full-length online AP Computer Science A test with all questions answered and explained
The Legend of Zelda Majora s Mask 3D Collector s Guide includes Collector s Edition Exclusive Reusable clings featuring art from The Legend of Zelda Majora s Mask 3D Save The World Fully detailed walkthrough shows how to solve each puzzle defeat each boss and finish the game with 100 Completion Find Your Way Never get lost with our labeled maps that show each collectible and point of interest Legendary Checklists Find it all with checklists that reveal the locations for each piece of heart mask fish and more Beat The Baddies Detailed monsters and enemies section shows how to defeat each minion and boss FREE Mobile Version Full Digital Guide and more at Official Game Guide www primagames comThis limited edition guide will only be printed once when it is sold out they will be gone forever
Since Don t Make Me Think was first published in 2000 hundreds of thousands of Web designers and developers have relied on usability guru Steve Krug s guide to help them understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information design Witty commonsensical and eminently practical it s one of the best-loved and most recommended books on the subject Now Steve returns with fresh perspective to reexamine the principles that made Don t Make Me Think a classic with updated examples and a new chapter on mobile usability And it s still short profusely illustrated and best of all fun to read If you ve read it before you ll rediscover what made Don t Make Me Think so essential to Web designers and developers around the world If you ve never read it you ll see why so many people have said it should be required reading for anyone working on Web sites After reading it over a couple of hours and putting its ideas to work for the past five years I can say it has done more to improve my abilities as a Web designer than any other book Jeffrey Zeldman author of Designing with Web Standards