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Do you want to get to know the woman we first came to love on Comedy Central s Upright Citizens Brigade Do you want to spend some time with the lady who made you howl with laughter on Saturday Night Live and in movies like Baby Mama Blades of Glory and They Came Together Do you find yourself daydreaming about hanging out with the actor behind the brilliant Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation Did you wish you were in the audience at the last two Golden Globes ceremonies so you could bask in the hilarity of Amy s one-liners If your answer to these questions is Yes Please then you are in luck In her first book one of our most beloved funny folk delivers a smart pointed and ultimately inspirational read Full of the comedic skill that makes us all love Amy Yes Please is a rich and varied collection of stories lists poetry Plastic Surgery Haiku to be specific photographs mantras and advice With chapters like Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend Plain Girl Versus the Demon and The Robots Will Kill Us All Yes Please will make you think as much as it will make you laugh Honest personal real and righteous Yes Please is full of words to live by
From the creator of the wildly popular webcomic xkcd hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask Millions of people visit xkcd com each week to read Randall Munroe s iconic webcomic His stick-figure drawings about science technology language and love have a large and passionate following Fans of xkcd ask Munroe a lot of strange questions What if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90 percent the speed of light How fast can you hit a speed bump while driving and live If there was a robot apocalypse how long would humanity last In pursuit of answers Munroe runs computer simulations pores over stacks of declassified military research memos solves differential equations and consults with nuclear reactor operators His responses are masterpieces of clarity and hilarity complemented by signature xkcd comics They often predict the complete annihilation of humankind or at least a really big explosion The book features new and never-before-answered questions along with updated and expanded versions of the most popular answers from the xkcd website What If will be required reading for xkcd fans and anyone who loves to ponder the hypothetical
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFor readers of Nora Ephron Tina Fey and David Sedaris this hilarious wise and fiercely candid collection of personal essays establishes Lena Dunham the acclaimed creator producer and star of HBO s Girls as one of the most original young talents writing today In Not That Kind of Girl Dunham illuminates the experiences that are part of making one s way in the world falling in love feeling alone being ten pounds overweight despite eating only health food having to prove yourself in a room full of men twice your age finding true love and most of all having the guts to believe that your story is one that deserves to be told Take My Virginity No Really Take It is the account of Dunham s first time and how her expectations of sex didn t quite live up to the actual event No floodgate had been opened no vault of true womanhood unlocked Girls Jerks explores her former attraction to less-than-nice guys guys who had perfected the dynamic of disrespect she found so intriguing Is This Even Real is a meditation on her lifelong obsession with death and dying what she calls her genetically predestined morbidity And in I Didn t F Them but They Yelled at Me she imagines the tell-all she will write when she is eighty and... past caring able to reflect honestly on the sexism and condescension she has encountered in Hollywood where women are treated like the paper thingies that protect glasses in hotel bathrooms necessary but infinitely disposable Exuberant moving and keenly observed Not That Kind of Girl is a series of dispatches from the frontlines of the struggle that is growing up I m already predicting my future shame at thinking I had anything to offer you Dunham writes But if I can take what I ve learned and make one menial job easier for you or prevent you from having the kind of sex where you feel you must keep your sneakers on in case you want to run away during the act then every misstep of mine will have been worthwhile NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY LIBRARY JOURNAL The gifted Ms Dunham not only writes with observant precision but also brings a measure of perspective nostalgia and an older person s sort of wisdom to her portrait of her not all that much younger self and her world By simply telling her own story in all its specificity and sometimes embarrassing detail she has written a book that s as acute and heartfelt as it is funny Michiko Kakutani The New York Times Dunham has crafted warm intelligent writing that is both deeply personal and engaging Hers is not only a voice who deserves to be heard but also one who will inspire other important voices to tell their stories too Roxane Gay Time A lovely touching surprisingly sentimental portrait of a woman who despite repeatedly baring her body and soul to audiences remains a bit of an enigma a young woman who sets the agenda defies classification and seems utterly at home in her own skin Chicago Tribune A lot of us fear we don t measure up beautywise and that we endure too much crummy treatment from men On these topics Dunham is funny wise and yes brave Among Dunham s gifts to womankind is her frontline example that some asshole may call you undesirable or worse and it won t kill you Your version matters more Ellemore
Nothing has driven home a certain truth about my generation which is approaching the apex of its childbearing years quite like this --The New Yorker A parenting zeitgeist --Washington Post A hilarious take on that age-old problem getting the beloved child to go to sleep --National Public Radio A new Bible for weary parents --New York Times Resonates powerfully with almost everyone --Boston Globe Go the F to Sleep challenges stereotypes opens up prototypes and acknowledges that shared sense of failure that comes to all parents who weary of ever getting their darling s to sleep and briefly resuming the illusion of a life of their own --Midwest Book ReviewGo the F to Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don t always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland Profane affectionate and radically honest California Book Award-winning author Adam Mansbach s verses perfectly capture the familiar--and unspoken--tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night In the process they open up a conversation about parenting granting us permission to admit our frustrations and laugh at their absurdity With illustrations by Ricardo Cortes Go the F to Sleep... is beautiful subversive and pants-wettingly funny--a book for parents new old and expectant You probably should not read it to your children Seriously Just Go to Sleep a children s book inspired by Go the F to Sleep and appropriate for kids of all ages is forthcoming from Akashic Books in April 2012 and available NOW for pre-order more
What are my qualifications to write this book None really So why should you read it Here s why I m a little fat If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I d highly recommend that you do not read his book Bacon McDonalds Cinnabon Hot Pockets Kale Stand-up comedian and author Jim Gaffigan has made his career rhapsodizing over the most treasured dishes of the American diet choking on bacon is like getting murdered by your lover and decrying the worst offenders kale is the early morning of foods Fans flocked to his New York Times bestselling book Dad is Fat to hear him riff on fatherhood but now in his second book he will give them what they really crave hundreds of pages of his thoughts on all things culinary ish Insights such as why he believes coconut water was invented to get people to stop drinking coconut water why pretzel bread is 3 on his most important inventions of humankind behind the wheel and the computer and the answer to the age-old question which animal is more delicious the pig the cow or the bacon cheeseburger
John Cleese s huge comedic influence has stretched across generations his sharp irreverent eye and the unique brand of physical comedy he perfected with Monty Python on Fawlty Towers and beyond now seem written into comedy s DNA In this rollicking memoir So Anyway Cleese takes readers on a Grand Tour of his ascent in the entertainment world from his humble beginnings in a sleepy English town and his early comedic days at Cambridge University with future Python partner Graham Chapman to the founding of the landmark comedy troupe that would propel him to worldwide renown Cleese was just days away from graduating Cambridge and setting off on a law career when he was visited by two BBC executives who offered him a job writing comedy for radio That fateful moment and a near-simultaneous offer to take his university humor revue to London s famed West End propelled him down a different path cutting his teeth writing for stars like David Frost and Peter Sellers and eventually joining the five other Pythons to pioneer a new kind of comedy that prized invention silliness and absurdity Along the way he found his first true love with the actress Connie Booth and transformed himself from a reluctant performer to a world class actor and back... again Twisting and turning through surprising stories and hilarious digressions with some brief pauses along the way that comprise a fascinating primer on what s funny and why this story of a young man s journey to the pinnacle of comedy is a masterly performance by a master performer more
You Have to F ing Eat makes parents of picky eaters smile --TODAY Parents Adam Mansbach will delight exhausted and exasperated parents everywhere for a second time with You Have to F king Eat--another children s book that is most definitely not for children --Entertainment Weekly An equally hilarious ode to kids at the table --Huffington Post Parents Adam Mansbach gets you He understood that sometimes your kids just won t go the f k to sleep And in his new foulmouthed bedtime book for parents out Wednesday he understands that sometimes they just won t f king eat And he knows well it s really f king annoying So how about some f king comic relief --GQ A likeable variation on a universal f ing theme --Kirkus Reviews You Have to F cking Eat Sequel to Go the F k to Sleep Is Finally F king Coming It will arrive just in time to gift it to your brother-in-law who upon unwrapping it will clutch it immediately to his chest and shake his head furiously at his waist-high daughter as she claws at him with her chewed up nails No no it s not for you he ll say laughing and crying at the same time --Flavorwire An uproarious spoof of bedtime board books --San Francisco Chronicle Parents when your precious angel rips you from your three hours of... sleep to demand food that he won t actually eat you ll want this f ing book --Mashable Forthcoming new book by genius funnyman Adam Mansbach --BoingBoing Mansbach s offering is so simple that it s genius Eat already has bestseller written all over it --Yummy Mummy ClubFrom the author of the international best seller Go the F to Sleep comes a long-awaited sequel about the other great parental frustration getting your little angel to eat something that even vaguely resembles a normal meal Profane loving and deeply cathartic You Have to F ing Eat breaks the code of child-rearing silence giving moms and dads new old grand- and expectant a much-needed chance to laugh about a universal problem A perfect gift book like the smash hit Go the F to Sleep over 1 5 million copies sold worldwide You Have to F ing Eat perfectly captures Mansbach s trademark humor which is simultaneously affectionate and radically honest You probably shouldn t read it to your kids more
Tired of memoirs that only tell you what really happened Sick of deeply personal accounts written in the first person Seeking an exciting interactive read that puts the u back in aUtobiography Then look no further than Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography In this revolutionary Joycean experiment in light celebrity narrative actor personality carbon-based-life-form Neil Patrick Harris lets you the reader live his life You will be born to New Mexico You will get your big break at an acting camp You will get into a bizarre confrontation outside a nightclub with actor Scott Caan Even better at each critical juncture of your life you will choose how to proceed You will decide whether to try out for Doogie Howser M D You will decide whether to spend years struggling with your sexuality You will decide what kind of caviar you want to eat on board Elton John s yacht Choose correctly and you ll find fame fortune and true love Choose incorrectly and you ll find misery heartbreak and a hideous death by piranhas All this plus magic tricks cocktail recipes embarrassing pictures from your time as a child actor and even a closing song Yes if you buy one book this year congratulations on being above the American average and make... that book Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography more
In this engagingly witty wise and heartfelt memoir Martin Short tells the tale of how a showbiz-obsessed kid from Canada transformed himself into one of Hollywood s favorite funnymen known to his famous peers as the comedian s comedian Martin Short takes you on a rich hilarious and occasionally heartbreaking ride through his life and times from his early years in Toronto as a member of the fabled improvisational troupe Second City to the all-American comic big time of Saturday Night Live and memorable roles in movies such as Three Amigos and Father of the Bride He reveals how he created his most indelible comedic characters among them the manic man-child Ed Grimley the slimy corporate lawyer Nathan Thurm and the bizarrely insensitive interviewer Jiminy Glick Throughout Short freely shares the spotlight with friends colleagues and collaborators including Steve Martin Tom Hanks Gilda Radner Mel Brooks Nora Ephron Eugene Levy Catherine O Hara Paul Shaffer and David Letterman But there is another side to Short s life that he has long kept private He lost his eldest brother and both of his parents by the time he turned twenty and more recently he lost his wife of thirty years to cancer In I Must Say Short talks for the first time... about the pain that these losses inflicted and the upbeat life philosophy that has kept him resilient and carried him through In the grand tradition of comedy legends Martin Short offers a show business memoir densely populated with boldface names and rife with retellable tales a hugely entertaining yet surprisingly moving self-portrait that will keep you laughing and crying from the first page to the last more
The first definitive biography of Bob Hope featuring exclusive and extensive reporting that makes the persuasive case that he was most important entertainer of the twentieth century Born in 1903 and until his death in 2003 Bob Hope was the only entertainer to achieve top-rated success in every major mass-entertainment medium from vaudeville to television and everything in between He virtually invented modern stand-up comedy His tours to entertain US troops and patriotic radio broadcasts along with his all-American brash-but-cowardly movie character helped to ease the nation s jitters during the stressful days of World War II He helped redefine the very notion of what it means to be a star a savvy businessman pioneer of the brand extension churning out books writing a newspaper column hosting a golf tournament and public-spirited entertainer whose Christmas military tours and tireless work for charity set the standard for public service in Hollywood But he became a polarizing figure during the Vietnam War and the book sheds new light on his close relationship with President Richard Nixon during those embattled years Bob Hope is a household name However as Richard Zoglin shows in this revelatory biography there is still much to be... learned about this most public of figures from his secret first marriage and his stint in reform school to his indiscriminate womanizing and his ambivalent relationship with Bing Crosby and Johnny Carson Hope could be cold self-centered tight with a buck and perhaps the least introspective man in Hollywood But he was also a dogged worker gracious with fans and generous with friends Hope is both a celebration of an entertainer whose vast contribution has never been properly appreciated and a complex portrait of a gifted but flawed man who unlike many Hollywood stars truly loved being famous appreciated its responsibilities and handled celebrity with extraordinary grace more