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After two New York Times bestsellers Nick Offerman returns with the subject for which he s known best his incredible real-life woodshop Nestled among the glitz and glitter of Tinseltown is a testament to American elbow grease and an honest-to-god hard day s work Offerman Woodshop Captained by hirsute woodworker actor comedian and writer Nick Offerman the shop produces not only fine handcrafted furniture but also fun stuff kazoos baseball bats ukuleles mustache combs even cedar-strip canoes Now Nick and his ragtag crew of champions want to share their experience of working at the Woodshop tell you all about their passion for the discipline of woodworking and teach you how to make a handful of their most popular projects along the way This book takes readers behind the scenes of the woodshop both inspiring and teaching them to make their own projects and besotting them with the infectious spirit behind the shop and its complement of dusty wood-elves In these pages you will find a variety of projects for every skill level with personal easy-to-follow instructions by the OWS woodworkers themselves and what s more this tutelage is augmented by mouth-watering color photos Nick calls it wood porn You will also find writings by Nick... offering recipes for both comestibles and mirth humorous essays odes to his own woodworking heroes insights into the ethos of woodworking in modern America and other assorted tomfoolery Whether you ve been working in your own shop for years or if holding this stack of compressed wood pulp is as close as you ve ever come to milling lumber or even if you just love Nick Offerman s brand of bucolic yet worldly wisdom you ll find Good Clean Fun full of useful illuminating and entertaining information more
1 New York Times Bestseller Amy Schumer s book will make you love her even more For a comedian of unbridled and generally hilarious causticity Schumer has written a probing confessional unguarded and yes majorly humanizing non-memoir a book that trades less on sarcasm and more on emotional resonance Vogue The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is an alternatingly meditative sexually explicit side-splittingly hilarious heart-wrenching disturbing passionately political and always staggeringly authentic ride through the highs and lows of the comedic powerhouse s life to date Harper s Bazaar This is your happy hour with Amy Schumer It s Bossypants meets Trainwreck meets your long weekend TheSkimm Amy s got your back She s in your corner She s an honesty bomb And she s coming for you Actress Tilda Swinton and Trainwreck co-star The Emmy Award-winning comedian actress writer and star of Inside Amy Schumer and the acclaimed film Trainwreck has taken the entertainment world by storm with her winning blend of smart satirical humor Now Amy Schumer has written a refreshingly candid and uproariously funny collection of extremely personal and observational essays In The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo Amy mines her past for stories about her... teenage years her family relationships and sex and shares the experiences that have shaped who she is a woman with the courage to bare her soul to stand up for what she believes in all while making us laugh Ranging from the raucous to the romantic the heartfelt to the harrowing this highly entertaining and universally appealing collection is the literary equivalent of a night out with your best friend an unforgettable and fun adventure that you wish could last forever Whether she s experiencing lust-at-first-sight while in the airport security line sharing her own views on love and marriage admitting to being an introvert or discovering her cross-fit instructor s secret bad habit Amy Schumer proves to be a bighearted brave and thoughtful storyteller that will leave you nodding your head in recognition laughing out loud and sobbing uncontrollably but only because it s over more
Ray Bradbury s internationally acclaimed novel Fahrenheit 451 is a masterwork of twentieth-century literature set in a bleak dystopian future Guy Montag is a fireman In his world where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction firemen start fires rather than put them out His job is to destroy the most illegal of commodities the printed book along with the houses in which they are hidden Montag never questions the destruction and ruin his actions produce returning each day to his bland life and wife Mildred who spends all day with her television family But then he meets an eccentric young neighbor Clarisse who introduces him to a past where people didn t live in fear and to a present where one sees the world through the ideas in books instead of the mindless chatter of television When Mildred attempts suicide and Clarisse suddenly disappears Montag begins to question everything he has ever known He starts hiding books in his home and when his pilfering is discovered the fireman has to run for his life
Nothing has driven home a certain truth about my generation which is approaching the apex of its childbearing years quite like this --The New Yorker A parenting zeitgeist --Washington Post A hilarious take on that age-old problem getting the beloved child to go to sleep --National Public Radio A new Bible for weary parents --New York Times Resonates powerfully with almost everyone --Boston Globe Go the F to Sleep challenges stereotypes opens up prototypes and acknowledges that shared sense of failure that comes to all parents who weary of ever getting their darling s to sleep and briefly resuming the illusion of a life of their own --Midwest Book ReviewGo the F to Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don t always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland Profane affectionate and radically honest California Book Award-winning author Adam Mansbach s verses perfectly capture the familiar--and unspoken--tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night In the process they open up a conversation about parenting granting us permission to admit our frustrations and laugh at their absurdity With illustrations by Ricardo Cortes Go the F to Sleep... is beautiful subversive and pants-wettingly funny--a book for parents new old and expectant You probably should not read it to your children Seriously Just Go to Sleep a children s book inspired by Go the F to Sleep and appropriate for kids of all ages is also available as well as Seriously You Have to Eat for finicky ones everywhere more
The ultimate annual book of records is back and crammed with more than ever before Guinness World Records 2017 is bursting with all-new records on topics as diverse as black holes domes owls and killer plants Want to know the highest anyone has travelled on a skateboard or the largest loop-the-loop completed in a car Dying to know just how many tricks a cat can do in one minute The answers to these questions and so much more are right inside New in this year s edition are exciting infographic features exploring the fascinating details on topics such as animals the human body sports and explorations And of course all your favorite record categories are updated for 2017 such as the world s new tallest dog And as ever our team of world-class photographers have traveled the globe to capture amazing images of the year s most impressive record holders Let us know your favorite Do try this at home Want to be a record-breaker Inside you ll find challenges you can try in the back yard in the kitchen in your bedroom or even in the gym Who knows you may become a world record holder yourself Bonus content for the US editionFind exclusive pages just for the USA featuring amazing records from the X Games and a special look at the 125th... anniversary of basketball more
View our feature on George Orwell s 1984 Written in 1948 1984 was George Orwell s chilling prophecy about the future And while 1984 has come and gone Orwell s narrative is timelier than ever 1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world so powerful that it is completely convincing from start to finish No one can deny the power of this novel its hold on the imaginations of multiple generations of readers or the resiliency of its admonitions a legacy that seems only to grow with the passage of time
By turns hilarious and heartbreaking Hannah Hart s new book is a roaring beautiful and profoundly human account of an extraordinary life John Green Hannah shares her truth with an honesty that is inspiring one that makes me believe her when she says that it s going to get better or that laughter is just around the corner or that you aren t alone Jenny Lawson 1 New York Times bestselling author of Let s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy Hannah Hart wildly popular YouTube personality and author of the New York Times bestseller My Drunk Kitchen is stirring up tales from her past with a collection of narrative essays about family faith love sexuality self-worth friendship and fame Personal note Hello my darlings I am incredibly pleased to present Buffering Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded As a big fan of memoirs I wanted to try my hand at writing about the events of my life that deserve a little more consideration than can be accomplished in 140-characters or a 6-minute vlog Now on the cusp of turning 30 I m ready to expose some parts of my life that I haven t shared before Before it was all about privacy process and time And now the time has come I m ready to put myself out there for you I m a little nervous... about all these vulnerable words going into the world these tales about my love life the wrestling I ve done with faith how I feel about sex and my family and myself I ve had a lot of trials a lot of errors but also a lot of passion Here s the thing--I ve always found comfort in the stories shared by others so I hope my stories now that I feel ready to tell them will bring you some comfort too And when you read this book please remember Buffering is just the time it takes to process Enjoy Love Hannahmore
The only lie told more often than No that looks totally cute on you and I got AIDS through oral is It gets better Well a lotta times it don t Sometimes it just sucks less But I promise you where there s a Willam there s a way But this isn t all about me for once It s about you and how you can SUCK LESS at a variety of things drag queens are so much better at than the average person I ve got clap backs and life hacks and tips on classing up a simple grab-and-run lifting spree to the much more dignified act of larceny Super-important life stuff with my own special secret fag- swag sauce So welcome to Willam s School of Bitchcraft and Wiggotry Class is in session With a foreword from Neil Patrick Harris
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Wild dangerous and flat-out unbelievable here is the incredible memoir of the actor gambler raconteur SNL veteran and one of the best stand-up comedians of all time As this book s title suggests Norm Macdonald tells the story of his life more or less from his origins on a farm in the-back-of-beyond Canada and an epically disastrous appearance on Star Search to his account of auditioning for Lorne Michaels and his memorable run as the anchor of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live until he was fired because a corporate executive didn t think he was funny But Based on a True Story is much more than a memoir it s the hilarious inspired epic of Norm s life In dispatches from a road trip to Las Vegas part of a plan hatched to regain the fortune he d lost to sports betting and other vices with his sidekick and enabler Adam Eget Norm recounts the milestone moments the regrets the love affairs the times fortune smiled on his life and the times it refused to smile As the clock ticks down Norm s debt reaches record heights and he must find a way to evade the hefty price that s been placed on his head by one of the most dangerous loan sharks in the country As a comedy legend should Norm peppers these pages with... classic jokes and fondly mythologized Hollywood stories This wildly adventurous totally original and absurdly funny saga turns the conventional comic s memoir on its head and gives the reader an exclusive pass into the mad glorious mind of Norm Macdonald Praise for Based on a True Story A glut of books by comedians has hit bookshelves in recent years Norm Macdonald has a leg up on all of them Based on a True Story is the best new book I ve read this year or last Wall Street Journal Hilarious and filled with turns of phrase and hidden beauty like only a collection of Norm Macdonald stories could be Esquire It s disorienting funny sometimes stupid and often wildly beautiful There has never been a less straightforward book It s playful and spry and just unbelievably cagey But it broke me and I ll tell you why Macdonald is a pretty extraordinary wordsmith capable of working in an impressive range of styles and genres The Week A driving wild and hilarious ramble of a book what might have happened had Hunter S Thompson embedded himself in a network studio Washington Post Part personal history and part meta riff on celebrity memoirs the book it quickly becomes clear is also just partly true and all hilarious Vulture Norm is brilliant and thoughtful and there is sensitivity and creative insight in his observations and stories A lot of comics over the years have been compared to Mark Twain but I think Norm is the only one who actually matches the guy in terms of his voice and ability I seriously f king love Norm Macdonald Please buy his book He probably needs the cash He s really bad with money Louis C K from the foreword Norm is one of my all-time favorites and this book was such a great read I forgot how lonely I was for a while Amy Schumer I always thought Normie s stand-up was the funniest thing there was But this book gives it a run for its money Adam Sandlermore
Part manual part manifesto Feminist Fight Club is a hilarious yet incisive guide to navigating subtle sexism at work providing real-life career advice and humorous reinforcement for a new generation of professional women It was a fight club but without the fighting and without the men Every month the women would huddle in a friend s apartment to share sexist job frustrations and trade tips for how best to tackle them Once upon a time you might have called them a consciousness-raising group But the problems of today s working world are more subtle less pronounced harder to identify and harder to prove than those of their foremothers These women weren t just there to vent They needed battle tactics And so the fight club was born Hard-hitting and entertaining Feminist Fight Club blends personal stories with research statistics and no-bullsh t expert advice Bennett offers a new vocabulary for the sexist workplace archetypes women encounter everyday such as the Manterrupter who talks over female colleagues in meetings or the Himitator who appropriates their ideas and provides practical hacks for navigating other gender landmines in today s working world With original illustrations Feminist Mad Libs a Negotiation Cheat Sheet and... fascinating historical research Feminist Fight Club tackles both the external sexist and internal self-sabotaging behaviors that plague women in the workplace as well as the system that perpetuates them more