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Your little one will soon learn some essential first words and pictures with this bright board book There are 100 color photographs to look at and talk about and 100 simple first words to read and learn too The pages are made from tough board for hours of fun reading and the cover is softly padded for little hands to hold
Your baby s first word will be Dada Right Everyone knows that fathers wage a secret campaign to ensure that their babies first word is Dada But how does it work One of the most popular entertainers in the world and NBC s The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon shows you how
Fall under the spell of the 1 New York Times Bestseller This magical coloring book by Johanna Basford takes colorists through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle Similarly interactive like SECRET GARDEN ENCHANTED FOREST also features hidden objects and fun mazes Beginning at the entrance to a fairy-tale forest the journey progresses through highly embellished woods and through intricate flora Castles treasure chests and other magical elements add a fairy tale narrative to the designs Special features include a gate-folded two-page spread and a colorable jacket
Also be sure to check out Johanna Basford s newest stunning coloring book Enchanted Forest Tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in an inky black-and-white wonderland This interactive activity book takes you on a ramble through a secret garden created in beautifully detailed pen-and-ink illustrations all waiting to be brought to life through coloring but each also sheltering all kinds of tiny creatures just waiting to be found And there are also bits of the garden that still need to be completed by you Appealing to all ages the intricately-realized world of the Secret Garden is both beautiful and inspirational
Coloring time is calming time Best selling coloring book artist Angie Grace invites you to relax and explore the intricate and exquisite world of stress mending circular whimsical art Stroke by stroke shade by shade tension and worries fade away as you transform Angie s beautiful black and white lines into your own unique personal and beautiful keepsake art piece This book has been drawn for connoisseur colorists and is suitable for adults and older children coloring with fine tipped markers colored pencils or brush tipped markers 50 delightfully detailed original designs printed on one side of the page
A perennial favorite Dr Seuss s wonderfully wise graduation speech is the perfect send-off for children starting out in the world be they nursery school high school or college grads From soaring to high heights and seeing great sights to being left in a Lurch on a prickle-ly perch Dr Seuss addresses life s ups and downs with his trademark humorous verse and illustrations while encouraging readers to find the success that lies within In a starred review Booklist notes Seuss s message is simple but never sappy life may be a Great Balancing Act but through it all There s fun to be done
August Pullman was born with a facial difference that up until now has prevented him from going to a mainstream school Starting 5th grade at Beecher Prep he wants nothing more than to be treated as an ordinary kid but his new classmates can t get past Auggie s extraordinary face WONDER now a 1 New York Times bestseller and included on the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list begins from Auggie s point of view but soon switches to include his classmates his sister her boyfriend and others These perspectives converge in a portrait of one community s struggle with empathy compassion and acceptance Wonder is the best kids book of the year said Emily Bazelon senior editor at Slate com and author of Sticks and Stones Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy In a world where bullying among young people is an epidemic this is a refreshing new narrative full of heart and hope R J Palacio has called her debut novel a meditation on kindness indeed every reader will come away with a greater appreciation for the simple courage of friendship Auggie is a hero to root for a diamond in the rough who proves that you can t blend in when you were born to stand out Join the conversation thewonderofwonder
Dear Zoo is twenty-five years old -- and still as popular as ever And with an updated look this classic children s storybook about a youngster loooking for a perfect pet is sure to delight a new generation of readers
Evil tree Bad Apple Twenty years ago all the evil villains were banished from the kingdom of Auradon to the Isle of the Lost--a dark and dreary place protected by a force field that makes it impossible for them to leave Stripped of their magical powers the villains now live in total isolation forgotten by the world Mal learns from her mother Maleficent that the key to true darkness the Dragon s Eye is located inside her scepter in the forbidden fortress on the far side of the island The eye is cursed and whoever retrieves it will be knocked into a deep sleep for a thousand years But Mal has a plan to capture it She ll just need a little help from her friends In their quest for the Dragon s Eye these four kids begin to realize that just because you come from an evil family tree being good ain t so bad
The bestselling Giraffes Can t Dance is now a board book Giraffes Can t Dance is a touching tale of Gerald the giraffe who wants nothing more than to dance With crooked knees and thin legs it s harder for a giraffe than you would think Gerald is finally able to dance to his own tune when he gets some encouraging words from an unlikely friend With light-footed rhymes and high-stepping illustrations this tale is gentle inspiration for every child with dreams of greatness