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This 1 New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying organizing and storing Despite constant efforts to declutter your home do papers still accumulate like snowdrifts and clothes pile up like a tangled mess of noodles Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once you ll never have to do it again Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever The KonMari Method with its revolutionary category-by-category system leads to lasting results In fact none of Kondo s clients have lapsed and she still has a three-month waiting list With detailed guidance for determining which items in your house spark joy and which don t this international bestseller featuring Tokyo s newest lifestyle phenomenon will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home and the calm motivated mindset it can inspire
In Being Mortal bestselling author Atul Gawande tackles the hardest challenge of his profession how medicine can not only improve life but also the process of its endingMedicine has triumphed in modern times transforming birth injury and infectious disease from harrowing to manageable But in the inevitable condition of aging and death the goals of medicine seem too frequently to run counter to the interest of the human spirit Nursing homes preoccupied with safety pin patients into railed beds and wheelchairs Hospitals isolate the dying checking for vital signs long after the goals of cure have become moot Doctors committed to extending life continue to carry out devastating procedures that in the end extend suffering Gawande a practicing surgeon addresses his profession s ultimate limitation arguing that quality of life is the desired goal for patients and families Gawande offers examples of freer more socially fulfilling models for assisting the infirm and dependent elderly and he explores the varieties of hospice care to demonstrate that a person s last weeks or months may be rich and dignified Full of eye-opening research and riveting storytelling Being Mortal asserts that medicine can comfort and enhance our experience even... to the end providing not only a good life but also a good end more
For more than sixty years the rock-solid time-tested advice in this book has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives Now this previously revised and updated bestseller is available in trade paperback for the first time to help you achieve your maximum potential throughout the next century Learn Three fundamental techniques in handling people The six ways to make people like you The twelve ways to win people to you way of thinking The nine ways to change people without arousing resentment
Rooted in traditional Toltec wisdom beliefs four agreements in life are essential steps on the path to personal freedom As beliefs are transformed through maintaining these agreements shamanic teacher and healer don Miguel Ruiz asserts lives will become filled with grace peace and unconditional love
Once in a great while a book comes along that changes the way we see the world and helps to fuel a nationwide social movement The New Jim Crow is such a book Praised by Harvard Law professor Lani Guinier as brave and bold this book directly challenges the notion that the election of Barack Obama signals a new era of colorblindness With dazzling candor legal scholar Michelle Alexander argues that we have not ended racial caste in America we have merely redesigned it By targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color the U S criminal justice system functions as a contemporary system of racial control relegating millions to a permanent second-class status even as it formally adheres to the principle of colorblindness In the words of Benjamin Todd Jealous president and CEO of the NAACP this book is a call to action Called stunning by Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Levering Lewis invaluable by the Daily Kos explosive by Kirkus and profoundly necessary by the Miami Herald this updated and revised paperback edition of The New Jim Crow now with a foreword by Cornel West is a must-read for all people of conscience
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAmerica s Bitter Pill is Steven Brill s much-anticipated sweeping narrative of how the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare was written how it is being implemented and most important how it is changing and failing to change the rampant abuses in the healthcare industry Brill probed the depths of our nation s healthcare crisis in his trailblazing Time magazine Special Report which won the 2014 National Magazine Award for Public Interest Now he broadens his lens and delves deeper pulling no punches and taking no prisoners It s a fly-on-the-wall account of the fight amid an onslaught of lobbying to pass a 961-page law aimed at fixing America s largest most dysfunctional industry an industry larger than the entire economy of France It s a penetrating chronicle of how the profiteering that Brill first identified in his Time cover story continues despite Obamacare And it is the first complete inside account of how President Obama persevered to push through the law but then failed to deal with the staff incompetence and turf wars that crippled its implementation Brill questions all the participants in the drama including the president to find out what happened and why He asks the head of the agency in charge of the... Obamacare website how and why it crashed And he tells the cliffhanger story of the tech wizards who swooped in to rebuild it Brill gets drug lobbyists to open up on the deals they struck to protect their profits in return for supporting the law And he buttresses all these accounts with meticulous research and access to internal memos emails notes and journals written by the key players during all the pivotal moments Brill is there with patients when they are denied cancer care at a hospital or charged 77 for a box of gauze pads Then he asks the multimillion-dollar executives who run the hospitals to explain why He even confronts the chief executive of America s largest health insurance company and asks him to explain an incomprehensible Explanation of Benefits his company sent to Brill And he s there as a group of young entrepreneurs gamble millions to use Obamacare to start a hip insurance company in New York s Silicon Alley Vividly capturing what he calls the milestone achievement of Obamacare Brill introduces us to patients whose bank accounts or lives have been saved by the new law although as he explains that is only because Obamacare provides government subsidies for tens of millions of new customers to pay the same exorbitant prices that were the problem in the first place All that is weaved together in an elegantly crafted fast-paced narrative But by chance America s Bitter Pill ends up being much more because as Brill was completing this book he had to undergo urgent open-heart surgery Thus this also becomes the story of how one patient who thinks he knows everything about healthcare policy rethinks it from a hospital gurney and combines that insight with his brilliant reporting The result a surprising new vision of how we can fix American healthcare so that it stops draining the bank accounts of our families and our businesses and the federal treasury more
How do you spot an area poised for gentrification Is spring or winter the best time to put your house on the market Will a house on Swamp Road sell for less than one on Gingerbread Lane The fact is that the rules of real estate have changed drastically over the past five years To understand real estate in our fast-paced technology-driven world we need to toss out all of the outdated truisms and embrace today s brand new information But how Enter Zillow the nation s 1 real estate website and mobile app Thanks to its treasure trove of proprietary data and army of statisticians and data scientists led by chief economist Stan Humphries Zillow has been able to spot the trends and truths of today s housing market while acknowledging that a home is more than an economic asset In ZILLOW TALK Humphries and CEO Spencer Rascoff explain the science behind where and how we live now and reveal practical data-driven insights about buying selling renting and financing real estate Read this book to find out why -It s better to remodel your bathroom than your kitchen-Putting the word cute in your listing could cost you thousands of dollars-You shouldn t buy the worst house in the best neighborhood-You should never list your house for 444 000-You... shouldn t list your house for sale before March Madness or after the Masters Densely packed with entertaining anecdotes and invaluable how-to advice ZILLOW TALK is poised to be the real estate almanac for the next generation more
Based on the blog with more than four million loyal fans a beautiful heartfelt funny and inspiring collection of photographs and stories capturing the spirit of a cityNow an instant 1 New York Times bestseller Humans of New York began in the summer of 2010 when photographer Brandon Stanton set out to create a photographic census of New York City Armed with his camera he began crisscrossing the city covering thousands of miles on foot all in an attempt to capture New Yorkers and their stories The result of these efforts was a vibrant blog he called Humans of New York in which his photos were featured alongside quotes and anecdotes The blog has steadily grown now boasting millions of devoted followers Humans of New York is the book inspired by the blog With four hundred color photos including exclusive portraits and all-new stories Humans of New York is a stunning collection of images that showcases the outsized personalities of New York Surprising and moving printed in a beautiful full-color hardbound edition Humans of New York is a celebration of individuality and a tribute to the spirit of the city With 400 full-color photos and a distinctive vellum jacket
When the San Jos mine collapsed outside of Copiap Chile in August 2010 it trapped thirty-three miners beneath thousands of feet of rock for a record-breaking sixty-nine days The entire world watched what transpired above-ground during the grueling and protracted rescue but the saga of the miners experiences below the Earth s surface and the lives that led them there has never been heard until now For Deep Down Dark the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist H ctor Tobar received exclusive access to the miners and their tales These thirty-three men came to think of the mine a cavern inflicting constant and thundering aural torment as a kind of coffin and as a church where they sought redemption through prayer Even while still buried they all agreed that if by some miracle any of them escaped alive they would share their story only collectively H ctor Tobar was the person they chose to hear and now to tell that story The result is a masterwork or narrative journalism a riveting at times shocking emotionally textured account of a singular human event Deep Down Dark brings to haunting tactile life the experience of being imprisoned inside a mountain of stone the horror of being slowly consumed by hunger and the spiritual and mystical... elements that surrounded working in such a dangerous place In its stirring final chapters it captures the profound way in which the lives of everyone involved in the disaster were forever changed more
In this stunning new book Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of outliers --the best and the brightest the most famous and the most successful He asks the question what makes high-achievers different His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are like and too little attention to where they are from that is their culture their family their generation and the idiosyncratic experiences of their upbringing Along the way he explains the secrets of software billionaires what it takes to be a great soccer player why Asians are good at math and what made the Beatles the greatest rock band Brilliant and entertaining Outliers is a landmark work that will simultaneously delight and illuminate