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The 1 New York Times Bestseller USA Today Book of the Year soon to be a major motion picture The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people s lives Nothing is more addicting than The Girl on the Train Vanity Fair The Girl on the Train has more fun with unreliable narration than any chiller since Gone Girl It is liable to draw a large bedazzled readership The New York Times Marries movie noir with novelistic trickery hang on tight You ll be surprised by what horrors lurk around the bend USA Today Like its train the story blasts through the stagnation of these lives in suburban London and the reader cannot help but turn pages The Boston Globe Gone Girl fans will devour this psychological thriller People EVERY DAY THE SAME Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night Every day she rattles down the track flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck She s even started to feel like she knows them Jess and Jason she calls them Their life as she sees it is perfect Not unlike the life she recently lost UNTIL TODAY And then she sees something shocking It s only a minute until the... train moves on but it s enough Now everything s changed Unable to keep it to herself Rachel goes to the police But is she really as unreliable as they say Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved Has she done more harm than good more
In his 1 New York Times bestseller Memory Man David Baldacci introduced the extraordinary detective Amos Decker-the man who can forget nothing Now Decker returns in a spectacular new thriller THE LAST MILEConvicted murderer Melvin Mars is counting down the last hours before his execution--for the violent killing of his parents twenty years earlier--when he s granted an unexpected reprieve Another man has confessed to the crime Amos Decker newly hired on an FBI special task force takes an interest in Mars s case after discovering the striking similarities to his own life Both men were talented football players with promising careers cut short by tragedy Both men s families were brutally murdered And in both cases another suspect came forward years after the killing to confess to the crime A suspect who may or may not have been telling the truth The confession has the potential to make Melvin Mars--guilty or not--a free man Who wants Mars out of prison And why now But when a member of Decker s team disappears it becomes clear that something much larger--and more sinister--than just one convicted criminal s life hangs in the balance Decker will need all of his extraordinary brainpower to stop an innocent man from being executed
The extraordinary new Lucas Davenport thriller from 1 New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner John Sandford After the events in Gathering Prey Lucas Davenport finds himself in a very unusual situation no longer employed by the Minnesota BCA His friend the governor is just cranking up a presidential campaign though and he invites Lucas to come along as part of his campaign staff Should be fun he says and it kind of is until they find they have a shadow an armed man intent on killing the governor and anyone who gets in the way
Detective Lindsay Boxer chases an elusive suspect her husband As she settles into motherhood and a happy marriage Lindsay Boxer thinks she has found domestic bliss But when a beautiful alluring blonde woman with links to the CIA disappears from the scene of a brutal murder at a downtown luxury hotel Lindsay s life begins to unravel Before she can track down the woman for questioning a plane crash plunges San Francisco into chaos and Lindsay s husband Joe vanishes The deeper she digs the more Lindsay suspects that Joe shares a secret past with the mystery blonde Thrown into a tailspin and questioning everything she thought she knew Lindsay turns to the Women s Murder Club for help as she tries to uncover the truth Filled with pulse-pounding international intrigue 15TH AFFAIR proves that all is fair in love war and espionage
1 New York Times bestseller Harlan Coben delivers his next impossible-to-put-down thriller You think you know the truth The truth you know is nothing In the course of eight consecutive 1 New York Times bestsellers millions of readers have discovered Harlan Coben s page-turning thrillers filled with his trademark edge-of-your-seat suspense and gut-wrenching emotion In Fool Me Once Coben once again outdoes himself Former special ops pilot Maya home from the war sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work her two-year-old daughter playing with Maya s husband Joe who was brutally murdered two weeks earlier The provocative question at the heart of the mystery Can you believe everything you see with your own eyes even when you desperately want to To find the answer Maya must finally come to terms with deep secrets and deceit in her own past before she can face the unbelievable truth about her husband and herself
College student Joe Talbert has the modest goal of completing a writing assignment for an English class His task is to interview a stranger and write a brief biography of the person With deadlines looming Joe heads to a nearby nursing home to find a willing subject There he meets Carl Iverson and soon nothing in Joe s life is ever the same Carl is a dying Vietnam veteran--and a convicted murderer With only a few months to live he has been medically paroled to a nursing home after spending thirty years in prison for the crimes of rape and murder As Joe writes about Carl s life especially Carl s valor in Vietnam he cannot reconcile the heroism of the soldier with the despicable acts of the convict Joe along with his skeptical female neighbor throws himself into uncovering the truth but he is hamstrung in his efforts by having to deal with his dangerously dysfunctional mother the guilt of leaving his autistic brother vulnerable and a haunting childhood memory Thread by thread Joe unravels the tapestry of Carl s conviction But as he and Lila dig deeper into the circumstances of the crime the stakes grow higher Will Joe discover the truth before it s too late to escape the fallout
1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this exciting thriller from Mary Higgins Clark the 1 New York Times bestselling Queen of Suspense a news reporter tries to find her birth mother just as she is assigned to cover the high-profile trial of a woman accused of murdering her wealthy husband Television journalist Delaney Wright is on the brink of stardom after she begins covering a sensational murder trial for the six p m news She should be thrilled yet her growing desire to locate her birth mother consumes her thoughts When Delaney s friends Alvirah Meehan and her husband Willy offer to look into the mystery surrounding her birth they uncover a shocking secret they do not want to reveal On trial for murder is Betsy Grant widow of a wealthy doctor who has been an Alzheimer s victim for eight years When her once-upon-a-time celebrity lawyer urges her to accept a plea bargain Betsy refuses she will go to trial to prove her innocence Betsy s stepson Alan Grant bides his time nervously as the trial begins His substantial inheritance hangs in the balance his only means of making good on payments he owes his ex-wife his children and increasingly angry creditors As the trial unfolds and the damning evidence against Betsy piles up Delaney is... convinced that Betsy is not guilty and frantically tries to prove her innocence A true classic from Mary Higgins Clark As Time Goes By is a thrilling read by a master of the genre more
AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will thrill at the perfect page-turner to start your summer People Book of the Week Luckiest Girl Alive described by Reese Witherspoon as one of those reads you just can t put down Loved Gone Girl We promise Luckiest Girl Alive is just as addictive Good Housekeeping Jessica Knoll introduces you to your new best frenemy and you re going to love it Destined to become one of the summer s most gripping reads Bustle com With the cunning and verve of Gillian Flynn but an intensity all its own Luckiest Girl Alive is a debut you won t want to miss Megan Abbott author of Dare Me and The Fever Luckiest Girl Alive is Gone Girl meets Cosmo meets Sex and the City Knoll hits it out of the park Fort Worth Star-Telegram HER PERFECT LIFE IS A PERFECT LIE As a teenager at the prestigious Bradley School Ani FaNelli endured a shocking public humiliation that left her desperate to reinvent herself Now with a glamorous job expensive wardrobe and handsome blue blood fianc she s this close to living the perfect life she s worked so hard to achieve But Ani has a secret There s something else buried in her past that still haunts her something private and... painful that threatens to bubble to the surface and destroy everything With a singular voice and twists you won t see coming Luckiest Girl Alive explores the unbearable pressure that so many women feel to have it all and introduces a heroine whose sharp edges and cutthroat ambition have been protecting a scandalous truth and a heart that s bigger than it first appears The question remains will breaking her silence destroy all that she has worked for or will it at long last set Ani free more
The winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction compared by critics to the works of Graham Greene Denis Johnson and George Orwell The Sympathizer is a blistering exploration of identity politics and America wrought in electric prose The narrator a Vietnamese army captain is a man of divided loyalties a half-French half-Vietnamese communist sleeper agent in America after the end of the Vietnam War A powerful story of love and friendship and a gripping espionage novel The Sympathizer examines the legacy of the Vietnam War in literature film and the wars we fight today
The unforgettable novel of a childhood in a sleepy Southern town and the crisis of conscience that rocked it To Kill A Mockingbird became both an instant bestseller and a critical success when it was first published in 1960 It went on to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 and was later made into an Academy Award-winning film also a classic Compassionate dramatic and deeply moving To Kill A Mockingbird takes readers to the roots of human behavior - to innocence and experience kindness and cruelty love and hatred humor and pathos Now with over 18 million copies in print and translated into forty languages this regional story by a young Alabama woman claims universal appeal Harper Lee always considered her book to be a simple love story Today it is regarded as a masterpiece of American literature