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1 New York Times BestsellerFrom the bestselling author and master of narrative nonfiction comes the enthralling story of the sinking of the LusitaniaOn May 1 1915 with WWI entering its tenth month a luxury ocean liner as richly appointed as an English country house sailed out of New York bound for Liverpool carrying a record number of children and infants The passengers were surprisingly at ease even though Germany had declared the seas around Britain to be a war zone For months German U-boats had brought terror to the North Atlantic But the Lusitania was one of the era s great transatlantic Greyhounds the fastest liner then in service and her captain William Thomas Turner placed tremendous faith in the gentlemanly strictures of warfare that for a century had kept civilian ships safe from attack Germany however was determined to change the rules of the game and Walther Schwieger the captain of Unterseeboot-20 was happy to oblige Meanwhile an ultra-secret British intelligence unit tracked Schwieger s U-boat but told no one As U-20 and the Lusitania made their way toward Liverpool an array of forces both grand and achingly small hubris a chance fog a closely guarded secret and more all converged to produce one of the great... disasters of history It is a story that many of us think we know but don t and Erik Larson tells it thrillingly switching between hunter and hunted while painting a larger portrait of America at the height of the Progressive Era Full of glamour and suspense Dead Wake brings to life a cast of evocative characters from famed Boston bookseller Charles Lauriat to pioneering female architect Theodate Pope to President Woodrow Wilson a man lost to grief dreading the widening war but also captivated by the prospect of new love Gripping and important Dead Wake captures the sheer drama and emotional power of a disaster whose intimate details and true meaning have long been obscured by history more
From the coauthors of the New York Times bestseller Abundance comes their much anticipated follow-up Bold a radical how-to guide for using exponential technologies moonshot thinking and crowd-powered tools to create extraordinary wealth while also positively impacting the lives of billions Bold unfolds in three parts Part One focuses on the exponential technologies that are disrupting today s Fortune 500 companies and enabling upstart entrepreneurs to go from I ve got an idea to I run a billion-dollar company far faster than ever before The authors provide exceptional insight into the power of 3D printing artificial intelligence robotics networks and sensors and synthetic biology Part Two of the book focuses on the Psychology of Bold drawing on insights from billionaire entrepreneurs Larry Page Elon Musk Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos In addition Diamandis reveals his entrepreneurial secrets garnered from building fifteen companies including such audacious ventures as Singularity University XPRIZE Planetary Resources and Human Longevity Inc Finally Bold closes with a look at the best practices that allow anyone to leverage today s hyper-connected crowd like never before Here the authors teach how to design and use incentive... competitions launch million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns to tap into ten s of billions of dollars of capital and finally how to build communities armies of exponentially enabled individuals willing and able to help today s entrepreneurs make their boldest dreams come true Bold is both a manifesto and a manual It is today s exponential entrepreneur s go-to resource on the use of emerging technologies thinking at scale and the awesome power of crowd-powered tools more
Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who taught the world how to fly Wilbur and Orville Wright On a winter day in 1903 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened the age of flight had begun with the first heavier-than-air powered machine carrying a pilot Who were these men and how was it that they achieved what they did David McCullough two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize tells the surprising profoundly American story of Wilbur and Orville Wright Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success they were men of exceptional courage and determination and of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity much of which they attributed to their upbringing The house they lived in had no electricity or indoor plumbing but there were books aplenty supplied mainly by their preacher father and they never stopped reading When they worked together no problem seemed to be insurmountable Wilbur was unquestionably a genius Orville had such mechanical ingenuity as few had ever seen That they... had no more than a public high school education little money and no contacts in high places never stopped them in their mission to take to the air Nothing did not even the self-evident reality that every time they took off in one of their contrivances they risked being killed In this thrilling book master historian David McCullough draws on the immense riches of the Wright Papers including private diaries notebooks scrapbooks and more than a thousand letters from private family correspondence to tell the human side of the Wright Brothers story including the little-known contributions of their sister Katharine without whom things might well have gone differently for them more
This book uncovers the biggest scientific fraud of our age It tells the fascinating and frequently astounding story of how the massive enterprise to restructure the genetic core of the world s food supply came into being how it advanced by consistently violating the protocols of science and how for more than three decades hundreds of eminent biologists and esteemed institutions have systematically contorted the truth in order to conceal the unique risks of its products and get them onto our dinner plates Altered Genes Twisted Truth provides a graphic account of how this elaborate fraud was crafted and how it not only deceived the general public but Bill Clinton Bill Gates Barack Obama and a host of other astute and influential individuals as well The book also exposes how the U S Food and Drug Administration FDA was induced to become a key accomplice--and how it has broken the law and repeatedly lied in order to usher genetically engineered foods onto the market without the safety testing that s required by federal statute As a result for fifteen years America s families have been regularly ingesting a group of novel products that the FDA s own scientific staff had previously determined to be unduly hazardous to human health By... the time this gripping story comes to a close it will be clear that the degradation of science it documents has not only been unsavory but unprecedented--and that in no other instance have so many scientists so seriously subverted the standards they were trained to uphold misled so many people and imposed such magnitude of risk on both human health and the health of the environment more
At long last here is the thoroughly revised and updated third edition of the hugely successful Art of Electronics It is widely accepted as the best single authoritative book on electronic circuit design In addition to new or enhanced coverage of many topics the Third Edition includes 90 oscilloscope screenshots illustrating the behavior of working circuits dozens of graphs giving highly useful measured data of the sort that s often buried or omitted in datasheets but which you need when designing circuits 80 tables listing some 1650 active components enabling intelligent choice of circuit components by listing essential characteristics both specified and measured of available parts The new Art of Electronics retains the feeling of informality and easy access that helped make the earlier editions so successful and popular It is an indispensable reference and the gold standard for anyone student or researcher professional or amateur who works with electronic circuits
Many new and revised requirements in the 2014 NEC impact residential commercial and industrial electrical installations The 2014 NFPA 70 NEC covers the latest requirements on electrical wiring and equipment installation issues including minimum provisions for the use of connections voltage markings conductors and cables Chapters address specific circumstances surrounding special occupancies and industrial equipment and machines It also contains specific details on the safe installation and use of communications and signaling conductors The 2014 edition of the NEC has been revised to include important changes such as Expanded AFCI and GFCI protection in homes Continued emphasis on making installations safe for electrical workers Coverage of new methods to distribute low voltage power New approaches toward ensuring safety of photovoltaic PV electric systems Changes to the long-standing voltage thresholds used in the Code Plus hundreds of others that allow for the safe implementation of the latest in electrical system and equipment technology
Following his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs The Innovators is Walter Isaacson s revealing story of the people who created the computer and the Internet It is destined to be the standard history of the digital revolution and an indispensable guide to how innovation really happens What were the talents that allowed certain inventors and entrepreneurs to turn their visionary ideas into disruptive realities What led to their creative leaps Why did some succeed and others fail In his masterly saga Isaacson begins with Ada Lovelace Lord Byron s daughter who pioneered computer programming in the 1840s He explores the fascinating personalities that created our current digital revolution such as Vannevar Bush Alan Turing John von Neumann J C R Licklider Doug Engelbart Robert Noyce Bill Gates Steve Wozniak Steve Jobs Tim Berners-Lee and Larry Page This is the story of how their minds worked and what made them so inventive It s also a narrative of how their ability to collaborate and master the art of teamwork made them even more creative For an era that seeks to foster innovation creativity and teamwork The Innovators shows how they happen
It has been called the great destroyer and the evil The Pentagon refers to it as the pervasive menace It destroys cars fells bridges sinks ships sparks house fires and nearly brought down the Statue of Liberty Rust costs America more than 400 billion per year more than all other natural disasters combined In a thrilling drama of man versus nature journalist Jonathan Waldman travels from Key West Florida to Prudhoe Bay Alaska to meet the colorful and often reclusive people who are fighting our mightiest and unlikeliest enemy He sneaks into an abandoned steelworks with a brave artist and then he nearly gets kicked out of Ball Corporation s Can School Across the Arctic he follows a massive high-tech robot that hunts for rust in the Alaska pipeline On a Florida film set he meets the Defense Department s rust ambassador who reveals that the navy s number one foe isn t a foreign country but oxidation itself At Home Depot s mother ship in Atlanta he hunts unsuccessfully for rust products with the store s rust-products buyer and then tracks down some snake-oil salesmen whose potions are not for sale at the Rust Store Along the way Waldman encounters flying pigs Trekkies decapitations exploding Coke cans rust boogers and nerdy superheroes... The result is a fresh and often funny account of an overlooked engineering endeavor that is as compelling as it is grand illuminating a hidden phenomenon that shapes the modern world Rust affects everything from the design of our currency to the composition of our tap water and it will determine the legacy we leave on this planet This exploration of corrosion and the incredible lengths we go to fight it is narrative nonfiction at its very best a fascinating and important subject delivered with energy and wit more
This is teaching at its best --Hans Camenzind inventor of the 555 timer the world s most successful integrated circuit and author of Much Ado About Almost Nothing Man s Encounter with the Electron Booklocker com A fabulous book well written well paced fun and informative I also love the sense of humor It s very good at disarming the fear And it s gorgeous I ll be recommending this book highly --Tom Igoe author of Physical Computing and Making Things TalkWant to learn the fundamentals of electronics in a fun hands-on way With Make Electronics you ll start working on real projects as soon as you crack open the book Explore all of the key components and essential principles through a series of fascinating experiments You ll build the circuits first then learn the theory behind them Build working devices from simple to complexYou ll start with the basics and then move on to more complicated projects Go from switching circuits to integrated circuits and from simple alarms to programmable microcontrollers Step-by-step instructions and more than 500 full-color photographs and illustrations will help you use -- and understand -- electronics concepts and techniques Discover by breaking things experiment with components and learn from... failureSet up a tricked-out project space make a work area at home equipped with the tools and parts you ll needLearn about key electronic components and their functions within a circuitCreate an intrusion alarm holiday lights wearable electronic jewelry audio processors a reflex tester and a combination lockBuild an autonomous robot cart that can sense its environment and avoid obstaclesGet clear easy-to-understand explanations of what you re doing and whymore
Kaplan s ASVAB Premier 2015 with 6 Practice Tests is an in-depth study system providing print DVD and online practice and review for the ASVAB and AFQT Updated with DVD mobile-ready online resources and new study sheets you ll find everything you need to get the results you want on the ASVAB and AFQT including practice and review for Word Knowledge Arithmetic Reasoning General Science Mechanical Comprehension and more Kaplan s ASVAB Premier 2015 includes New 1 000 practice questionsNew 6 full-length ASVAB practice tests with detailed explanations 3 in the book and 3 onlineNew Expert mobile-ready video tutorials online and on DVDNew Tear-out study sheets covering key math and verbal concepts and strategiesNew Study on the go with mobile-ready online practice tests and score reportsContent review for each of the subjects covered on the ASVAB testKaplan s ASVAB Premier 2015 is the ultimate study system for individuals interested in the military Get the results you want and pursue the military career path you want Kaplan helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals to build futures one success story at a time