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Following his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs The Innovators is Walter Isaacson s revealing story of the people who created the computer and the Internet It is destined to be the standard history of the digital revolution and an indispensable guide to how innovation really happens What were the talents that allowed certain inventors and entrepreneurs to turn their visionary ideas into disruptive realities What led to their creative leaps Why did some succeed and others fail In his masterly saga Isaacson begins with Ada Lovelace Lord Byron s daughter who pioneered computer programming in the 1840s He explores the fascinating personalities that created our current digital revolution such as Vannevar Bush Alan Turing John von Neumann J C R Licklider Doug Engelbart Robert Noyce Bill Gates Steve Wozniak Steve Jobs Tim Berners-Lee and Larry Page This is the story of how their minds worked and what made them so inventive It s also a narrative of how their ability to collaborate and master the art of teamwork made them even more creative For an era that seeks to foster innovation creativity and teamwork The Innovators shows how they happen
New York Times bestselling author Hampton Sides returns with a white-knuckle tale of polar exploration and survival in the Gilded AgeIn the late nineteenth century people were obsessed by one of the last unmapped areas of the globe the North Pole No one knew what existed beyond the fortress of ice rimming the northern oceans although theories abounded The foremost cartographer in the world a German named August Petermann believed that warm currents sustained a verdant island at the top of the world National glory would fall to whoever could plant his flag upon its shores James Gordon Bennett the eccentric and stupendously wealthy owner of The New York Herald had recently captured the world s attention by dispatching Stanley to Africa to find Dr Livingstone Now he was keen to re-create that sensation on an even more epic scale So he funded an official U S naval expedition to reach the Pole choosing as its captain a young officer named George Washington De Long who had gained fame for a rescue operation off the coast of Greenland De Long led a team of 32 men deep into uncharted Arctic waters carrying the aspirations of a young country burning to become a world power On July 8 1879 the USS Jeannette set sail from San Francisco to... cheering crowds in the grip of Arctic Fever The ship sailed into uncharted seas but soon was trapped in pack ice Two years into the harrowing voyage the hull was breached Amid the rush of water and the shrieks of breaking wooden boards the crew abandoned the ship Less than an hour later the Jeannette sank to the bottom and the men found themselves marooned a thousand miles north of Siberia with only the barest supplies Thus began their long march across the endless ice a frozen hell in the most lonesome corner of the world Facing everything from snow blindness and polar bears to ferocious storms and frosty labyrinths the expedition battled madness and starvation as they desperately strove for survival With twists and turns worthy of a thriller In The Kingdom of Ice is a spellbinding tale of heroism and determination in the most unforgiving territory on Earth more
From the New York Times bestselling author of Where Good Ideas Come From and Everything Bad Is Good for You a new look at the power and legacy of great ideas In this illustrated history Steven Johnson explores the history of innovation over centuries tracing facets of modern life refrigeration clocks and eyeglass lenses to name a few from their creation by hobbyists amateurs and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences Filled with surprising stories of accidental genius and brilliant mistakes from the French publisher who invented the phonograph before Edison but forgot to include playback to the Hollywood movie star who helped invent the technology behind Wi-Fi and Bluetooth How We Got to Now investigates the secret history behind the everyday objects of contemporary life In his trademark style Johnson examines unexpected connections between seemingly unrelated fields how the invention of air-conditioning enabled the largest migration of human beings in the history of the species to cities such as Dubai or Phoenix which would otherwise be virtually uninhabitable how pendulum clocks helped trigger the industrial revolution and how clean water made it possible to manufacture computer chips Accompanied by a major... six-part television series on PBS How We Got to Now is the story of collaborative networks building the modern world written in the provocative informative and engaging style that has earned Johnson fans around the globe more
How the massive power shift in Russia threatens the political dominance of the United StatesThere is a new cold war underway driven by a massive geopolitical power shift to Russia that went almost unnoticed across the globe In The Colder War How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America s Grasp energy expert Marin Katusa takes a look at the ways the western world is losing control of the energy market and what can be done about it Russia is in the midst of a rapid economic and geopolitical renaissance under the rule of Vladimir Putin a tenacious KGB officer turned modern-day tsar Understanding his rise to power provides the keys to understanding the shift in the energy trade from Saudi Arabia to Russia This powerful new position threatens to unravel the political dominance of the United States once and for all Discover how political coups hostile takeovers and assassinations have brought Russia to the center of the world s energy marketFollow Putin s rise to power and how it has led to an upsetting of the global balance of tradeLearn how Russia toppled a generation of robber barons and positioned itself as the most powerful force in the energy marketStudy Putin s long-range plans and their potential impact on the United States... and the U S dollarIf Putin s plans are successful not only will Russia be able to starve other countries of power but the BRIC countries Brazil Russia India and China will replace the G7 in wealth and clout The Colder War takes a hard look at what is to come in a new global energy market that is certain to cause unprecedented impact on the U S dollar and the American way of life more
How do successful companies create products people can t put down Why do some products capture widespread attention while others flop What makes us engage with certain products out of sheer habit Is there a pattern underlying how technologies hook us Nir Eyal answers these questions and many more by explaining the Hook Model a four-step process embedded into the products of many successful companies to subtly encourage customer behavior Through consecutive hook cycles these products reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back again and again without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging Hooked is based on Eyal s years of research consulting and practical experience He wrote the book he wished had been available to him as a start-up founder not abstract theory but a how-to guide for building better products Hooked is written for product managers designers marketers start-up founders and anyone who seeks to understand how products influence our behavior Eyal provides readers with Practical insights to create user habits that stick Actionable steps for building products people love Fascinating examples from the iPhone to Twitter Pinterest to the Bible App and many other habit-forming products
Many new and revised requirements in the 2014 NEC impact residential commercial and industrial electrical installations The 2014 NFPA 70 NEC covers the latest requirements on electrical wiring and equipment installation issues including minimum provisions for the use of connections voltage markings conductors and cables Chapters address specific circumstances surrounding special occupancies and industrial equipment and machines It also contains specific details on the safe installation and use of communications and signaling conductors The 2014 edition of the NEC has been revised to include important changes such as Expanded AFCI and GFCI protection in homes Continued emphasis on making installations safe for electrical workers Coverage of new methods to distribute low voltage power New approaches toward ensuring safety of photovoltaic PV electric systems Changes to the long-standing voltage thresholds used in the Code Plus hundreds of others that allow for the safe implementation of the latest in electrical system and equipment technology
LEGO MINDSTORMS has changed the way we think about robotics by making it possible for anyone to build real working robots The latest MINDSTORMS set EV3 is more powerful than ever and The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book is the complete beginner-friendly guide you need to get started Begin with the basics as you build and program a simple robot to experiment with motors sensors and EV3 programming Then you ll move on to a series of increasingly sophisticated robots that will show you how to work with advanced programming techniques like data wires variables and custom-made programming blocks You ll also learn essential building techniques like how to use beams gears and connector blocks effectively in your own designs Master the possibilities of the EV3 set as you build and program The EXPLOR3R a wheeled vehicle that uses sensors to navigate around a room and follow linesThe FORMULA EV3 RACE CAR a streamlined remote-controlled race carANTY a six-legged walking creature that adapts its behavior to its surroundingsSK3TCHBOT a robot that lets you play games on the EV3 screenThe SNATCH3R a robotic arm that can autonomously find grab lift and move the infrared beaconLAVA R3X a humanoid robot that walks and talksMore than 150... building and programming challenges throughout encourage you to think creatively and apply what you ve learned to invent your own robots With The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book as your guide you ll be building your own out-of-this-world creations in no time Requirements One LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set LEGO SET 31313 more
A surprising page-turning account of how the wars of the future are already being fought todayThe United States military currently views cyberspace as the fifth domain of warfare alongside land air sea and space and the Department of Defense the National Security Agency and the CIA all field teams of hackers who can and do launch computer virus strikes against enemy targets In fact as WAR shows U S hackers were crucial to our victory in Iraq Shane Harris delves into the frontlines of America s new cyber war As recent revelations have shown government agencies are joining with tech giants like Google and Facebook to collect vast amounts of information The military has also formed a new alliance with tech and finance companies to patrol cyberspace and Harris offers a deeper glimpse into this partnership than we have ever seen before Finally Harris explains what the new cybersecurity regime means for all of us who spend our daily lives bound to the Internet and are vulnerable to its dangers
A New York Times Bestseller An eye-opening adventure deep inside the everyday materials that surround us packed with surprising stories and fascinating science Why is glass see-through What makes elastic stretchy Why does a paper clip bend Why does any material look and behave the way it does These are the sorts of questions that Mark Miodownik is constantly asking himself A globally-renowned materials scientist Miodownik has spent his life exploring objects as ordinary as an envelope and as unexpected as concrete cloth uncovering the fascinating secrets that hold together our physical world In Stuff Matters Miodownik entertainingly examines the materials he encounters in a typical morning from the steel in his razor and the graphite in his pencil to the foam in his sneakers and the concrete in a nearby skyscraper He offers a compendium of the most astounding histories and marvelous scientific breakthroughs in the material world including The imprisoned alchemist who saved himself from execution by creating the first European porcelain The hidden gem of the Milky Way a planet five times the size of Earth made entirely of diamond Graphene the thinnest strongest stiffest material in existence only a single atom thick that could be... used to make entire buildings sensitive to touch From the teacup to the jet engine the silicon chip to the paper clip the plastic in our appliances to the elastic in our underpants our lives are overflowing with materials Full of enthralling tales of the miracles of engineering that permeate our lives Stuff Matters will make you see stuff in a whole new way more
Could everything we know about fossil fuels be wrong For decades environmentalists have told us that using fossil fuels is a self-destructive addiction that will destroy our planet Yet at the same time by every measure of human well-being from life expectancy to clean water to climate safety life has been getting better and better How can this be The explanation energy expert Alex Epstein argues in The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels is that we usually hear only one side of the story We re taught to think only of the negatives of fossil fuels their risks and side effects but not their positives their unique ability to provide cheap reliable energy for a world of seven billion people And the moral significance of cheap reliable energy Epstein argues is woefully underrated Energy is our ability to improve every single aspect of life whether economic or environmental If we look at the big picture of fossil fuels compared with the alternatives the overall impact of using fossil fuels is to make the world a far better place We are morally obligated to use more fossil fuels for the sake of our economy and our environment Drawing on original insights and cutting-edge research Epstein argues that most of what we hear about fossil fuels is a... myth For instance Myth Fossil fuels are dirty Truth The environmental benefits of using fossil fuels far outweigh the risks Fossil fuels don t take a naturally clean environment and make it dirty they take a naturally dirty environment and make it clean They don t take a naturally safe climate and make it dangerous they take a naturally dangerous climate and make it ever safer Myth Fossil fuels are unsustainable so we should strive to use renewable solar and wind Truth The sun and wind are intermittent unreliable fuels that always need backup from a reliable source of energy usually fossil fuels There are huge amounts of fossil fuels left and we have plenty of time to find something cheaper Myth Fossil fuels are hurting the developing world Truth Fossil fuels are the key to improving the quality of life for billions of people in the developing world If we withhold them access to clean water plummets critical medical machines like incubators become impossible to operate and life expectancy drops significantly Calls to get off fossil fuels are calls to degrade the lives of innocent people who merely want the same opportunities we enjoy in the West Taking everything into account including the facts about climate change Epstein argues that fossil fuels are easy to misunderstand and demonize but they are absolutely good to use And they absolutely need to be championed Mankind s use of fossil fuels is supremely virtuous because human life is the standard of value and because using fossil fuels transforms our environment to make it wonderful for human life more