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The new sixth edition of this best-selling introduction to biochemistry maintains the clarity and coherence that so appeals to students whilst incorporating the very latest advances in the field new worked examples and end of chapter problems and an improved artwork programme to highlight key processes and important lessons
Brilliantly and abundantly illustrated this dynamic resource is the most comprehensive research-based reader-friendly text on kinesiology An engaging approach explores the fundamental principles in vivid detail and clarifies the link between the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system to help you ensure a clear confident understanding UNIQUE Clinical Connections boxes in each chapter enhance your understanding and promote practical application Special Focus boxes and clinical examples throughout the text bridge classroom content with real-world application to help you succeed in practice Logically organized content establishes an understanding of fundamental concepts before moving on to more complex material to make learning easier Chapter outlines provide a framework for learning and enable you to reference specific topics at a glance UNIQUE A companion Evolve Resources website reinforces your understanding through kinesiology video clips and answers to study questions UNIQUE More than 500 high-quality full-color illustrations clarify musculoskeletal anatomy and reinforce anatomic concepts Study questions in each chapter test your comprehension and strengthen your critical-thinking capabilities
In his revision of Engineering Mechanics R C Hibbeler empowers students to succeed in the whole learning experience Hibbeler achieves this by calling on his everyday classroom experience and his knowledge of how students learn inside and outside of lecture This text is ideal for civil and mechanical engineering professionals MasteringEngineering the most technologically advanced online tutorial and homework system available can be packaged with this edition
With a balance of topic coverage and depth this updated third edition covers the subject of biochemistry and reflects the advances made in this field since the second edition published in 1981 These advances are incorporated without loss of historical perspective and without obscuring the main goal of the text to teach the enduring fundamentals of the discipline Included in the third edition is a completely reorganized part one introducing the flow of information from gene to protein It emphasizes the growing interrelatedness of molecular biology and biochemistry and acquaints one with experimental methods of both disciplines Also included is 150 new problems and a wealth of new material on molecular genetics and cellular processes
Voet and Pratt s 4th edition of Principles of Biochemistry challenges readers to better understand the chemistry behind the biological structure and reactions occurring in living systems The latest edition continues this tradition and additionally incorporates coverage of recent research and an expanded focus on preparing and supporting students throughout the course With the addition of new conceptual assessment content to WileyPLUS providing the opportunity to assess conceptual understanding of key introductory biochemistry concepts and retrain themselves on their misconceptions
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics offers comprehensive topical coverage with varied examples and problems application of visual component of fluid mechanics and strong focus on effective learning The text enables the gradual development of confidence in problem solving The authors have designed their presentation to enable the gradual development of reader confidence in problem solving Each important concept is introduced in easy-to-understand terms before more complicated examples are discussed Continuing this book s tradition of extensive real-world applications the 7th edition includes more Fluid in the News case study boxes in each chapter new problem types an increased number of real-world photos and additional videos to augment the text material and help generate student interest in the topic Example problems have been updated and numerous new photographs figures and graphs have been included In addition there are more videos designed to aid and enhance comprehension support visualization skill building and engage students more deeply with the material and concepts
Written especially for exercise science and physical education students this text provides a solid foundation in theory illuminated by application and performance models to increase understanding and to help students apply what they ve learned in the classroom and beyond
Many new and revised requirements in the 2014 NEC impact residential commercial and industrial electrical installations The 2014 NFPA 70 NEC covers the latest requirements on electrical wiring and equipment installation issues including minimum provisions for the use of connections voltage markings conductors and cables Chapters address specific circumstances surrounding special occupancies and industrial equipment and machines It also contains specific details on the safe installation and use of communications and signaling conductors The 2014 edition of the NEC has been revised to include important changes such as Expanded AFCI and GFCI protection in homes Continued emphasis on making installations safe for electrical workers Coverage of new methods to distribute low voltage power New approaches toward ensuring safety of photovoltaic PV electric systems Changes to the long-standing voltage thresholds used in the Code Plus hundreds of others that allow for the safe implementation of the latest in electrical system and equipment technology
Master interviewing skills with INTENTIONAL INTERVIEWING AND COUNSELING FACILITATING CLIENT DEVELOPMENT IN A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY 8th Edition This book gives you the tools to adapt your skills to address both individual and multicultural uniqueness conduct interviews using five different theoretical approaches and begin developing a personalized style and theory of interviewing and counseling that matches your own aptitudes and affinities Case studies sample interviews and a Portfolio of Competencies are just a few of the many tools that will help you master the material and become a better listener Available with InfoTrac Student Collections http gocengage com infotrac
Derived from the best-selling classic text originated by Lubert Stryer and continued by John Tymoczko and Jeremy Berg Biochemistry A Short Course focuses on the major topics taught in a one-semester biochemistry course With its short chapters and relevant biological and clinical examples this text shows biochemistry as a part of students everyday lives Offering the same signature writing style and physiological emphasis as the full-length text this briefer book focuses on the major topics by eliminating details of enzyme mechanisms and organic chemistry and by removing extraneous and advanced topics Coverage is broken into short chapters for ease of use Numerous examples and photos of biochemistry in action show students that biochemistry is part of everything they do and experience Students learn a biochemical concept then see how that concept is applied in the real world Clinical Insights show how our understanding of biochemical concepts influences an aspect of a disease or its cure and Biological Insights show how simple changes in biochemical processes can have dramatic effects The Second Edition has been fully updated with coverage of recent developments in biochemistry and human health New Metabolism in Context sections... show how new information on the role of leptins in hunger and satiety has changed the way biochemists think about obesity and diabetes In addition to diet and obesity other Metabolism in Context features focus on metabolism and cancer and metabolism and exercise The Experimental Techniques chapters available on the companion website have also been updated and expanded exploring important techniques used by biochemists in the past as well as new technologies with which biochemists make discoveries in present-day laboratories This title may not be available in all areas Please contact your representative for more information more