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1 New York Times bestseller Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who taught the world how to fly Wilbur and Orville Wright On a winter day in 1903 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened the age of flight had begun with the first heavier-than-air powered machine carrying a pilot Who were these men and how was it that they achieved what they did David McCullough two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize tells the surprising profoundly American story of Wilbur and Orville Wright Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success they were men of exceptional courage and determination and of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity much of which they attributed to their upbringing The house they lived in had no electricity or indoor plumbing but there were books aplenty supplied mainly by their preacher father and they never stopped reading When they worked together no problem seemed to be insurmountable Wilbur was unquestionably a genius Orville had such mechanical ingenuity as... few had ever seen That they had no more than a public high school education little money and no contacts in high places never stopped them in their mission to take to the air Nothing did not even the self-evident reality that every time they took off in one of their contrivances they risked being killed In this thrilling book master historian David McCullough draws on the immense riches of the Wright Papers including private diaries notebooks scrapbooks and more than a thousand letters from private family correspondence to tell the human side of the Wright Brothers story including the little-known contributions of their sister Katharine without whom things might well have gone differently for them more
1 New York Times BestsellerFrom the bestselling author and master of narrative nonfiction comes the enthralling story of the sinking of the LusitaniaOn May 1 1915 with WWI entering its tenth month a luxury ocean liner as richly appointed as an English country house sailed out of New York bound for Liverpool carrying a record number of children and infants The passengers were surprisingly at ease even though Germany had declared the seas around Britain to be a war zone For months German U-boats had brought terror to the North Atlantic But the Lusitania was one of the era s great transatlantic Greyhounds the fastest liner then in service and her captain William Thomas Turner placed tremendous faith in the gentlemanly strictures of warfare that for a century had kept civilian ships safe from attack Germany however was determined to change the rules of the game and Walther Schwieger the captain of Unterseeboot-20 was happy to oblige Meanwhile an ultra-secret British intelligence unit tracked Schwieger s U-boat but told no one As U-20 and the Lusitania made their way toward Liverpool an array of forces both grand and achingly small hubris a chance fog a closely guarded secret and more all converged to produce one of the great... disasters of history It is a story that many of us think we know but don t and Erik Larson tells it thrillingly switching between hunter and hunted while painting a larger portrait of America at the height of the Progressive Era Full of glamour and suspense Dead Wake brings to life a cast of evocative characters from famed Boston bookseller Charles Lauriat to pioneering female architect Theodate Pope to President Woodrow Wilson a man lost to grief dreading the widening war but also captivated by the prospect of new love Gripping and important Dead Wake captures the sheer drama and emotional power of a disaster whose intimate details and true meaning have long been obscured by history more
New York Times Bestseller - Named One of the Best Books of the Year by The Wall Street Journal NPR Audible and Amazon In Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future veteran technology journalist Ashlee Vance provides the first inside look into the extraordinary life and times of Silicon Valley s most audacious entrepreneur Written with exclusive access to Musk his family and friends the book traces the entrepreneur s journey from a rough upbringing in South Africa to the pinnacle of the global business world Vance spent more than 30 hours in conversation with Musk and interviewed close to 300 people to tell the tumultuous stories of Musk s world-changing companies PayPal Tesla Motors SpaceX and SolarCity and to characterize a man who has renewed American industry and sparked new levels of innovation while making plenty of enemies along the way Vance uses Musk s story to explore one of the pressing questions of our time can the nation of inventors and creators which led the modern world for a century still compete in an age of fierce global competition He argues that Musk--one of the most unusual and striking figures in American business history--is a contemporary amalgam of legendary inventors and industrialists... like Thomas Edison Henry Ford Howard Hughes and Steve Jobs More than any other entrepreneur today Musk has dedicated his energies and his own vast fortune to inventing a future that is as rich and far-reaching as the visionaries of the golden age of science-fiction fantasy more
Clear writing and illustrations Clear explanations of difficult concepts Clear communication of the ways in biochemistry is currently understood and practiced For over 35 years in edition after bestselling edition Principles of Biochemistry has put those defining principles into practice guiding students through a coherent introduction to the essentials of biochemistry without overwhelming them The new edition brings this remarkable text into a new era Like its predecessors Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry Sixth Edition strikes a careful balance of current science and enduring concepts incorporating a tremendous amount of new findings but only those that help illustrate biochemistry s foundational principles With this edition students will encounter new information emerging from high throughput DNA sequencing x-ray crystallography and the manipulation of genes and gene expression and other techniques In addition students will see how contemporary biochemistry has shifted away from exploring metabolic pathways in isolation to focusing on interactions among pathways They will also get an updated understanding of the relevance of biochemistry to the study of human disease especially diabetes as well as the important role of... evolutionary theory in biochemical research These extensive content changes as well as new art and powerful new learning technologies make this edition of Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry the most impressive yet more
Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach eighth edition covers the basic principles of thermodynamics while presenting a wealth of real-world engineering examples so students get a feel for how thermodynamics is applied in engineering practice This text helps students develop an intuitive understanding by emphasizing the physics and physical arguments Cengel and Boles explore the various facets of thermodynamics through careful explanations of concepts and use of numerous practical examples and figures having students develop necessary skills to bridge the gap between knowledge and the confidence to properly apply their knowledge McGraw-Hill is proud to offer Connect with the eighth edition of Cengel Boles Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need when they need it how they need it so that your class time is more engaging and effective Problems are graded automatically and the results are recorded immediately Track individual student performance - by question assignment or in relation to the class overall with detailed grade reports
Shigley s Mechanical Engineering Design is intended for students beginning the study of mechanical engineering design Students will find that the text inherently directs them into familiarity with both the basics of design decisions and the standards of industrial components It combines the straightforward focus on fundamentals that instructors have come to expect with a modern emphasis on design and new applications The tenth edition maintains the well-designed approach that has made this book the standard in machine design for nearly 50 years McGraw-Hill is also proud to offer Connect with the tenth edition of Shigley s Mechanical Engineering Design This innovative and powerful new system helps your students learn more efficiently and gives you the ability to assign homework problems simply and easily Problems are graded automatically and the results are recorded immediately Track individual student performance - by question assignment or in relation to the class overall with detailed grade reports ConnectPlus provides students with all the advantages of Connect plus 24 7 access to an eBook Shigley s Mechanical Engineering Design includes the power of McGraw-Hill s LearnSmart--a proven adaptive learning system that helps... students learn faster study more efficiently and retain more knowledge through a series of adaptive questions This innovative study tool pinpoints concepts the student does not understand and maps out a personalized plan for success more
NOTE You are purchasing a standalone product MasteringEngineering does not come packaged with this content If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MasteringEngineering search for0133918920 9780133918922 Engineering Mechanics Statics plus MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package 14 e Packageconsistsof 0133915425 9780133915426 Engineering Mechanics Statics 0133916375 9780133916379 MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Engineering Mechanics Statics Dynamics MasteringEngineering should only be purchased when required by an instructor A Proven Approach to Conceptual Understanding and Problem-solving Skills Engineering Mechanics Statics excels in providing a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of engineering mechanics Engineering Mechanics empowers students to succeed by drawing upon Professor Hibbeler s everyday classroom experience and his knowledge of how students learn This text is shaped by the comments and suggestions of hundreds of reviewers in the teaching profession as well as many of the author s students The Fourteenth Edition includes new Preliminary Problems which are intended to help students develop conceptual... understanding and build problem-solving skills The text features a large variety of problems from a broad range of engineering disciplines stressing practical realistic situations encountered in professional practice and having varying levels of difficulty Also Available with MasteringEngineering -- an online homework tutorial and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results Interactive self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching to help students stay on track With a wide range of activities available students can actively learn understand and retain even the most difficult concepts The text and MasteringEngineering work together to guide students through engineering concepts with a multi-step approach to problems more
Completely updated the seventh edition provides engineers with an in-depth look at the key concepts in the field It incorporates new discussions on emerging areas of heat transfer discussing technologies that are related to nanotechnology biomedical engineering and alternative energy The example problems are also updated to better show how to apply the material And as engineers follow the rigorous and systematic problem-solving methodology they ll gain an appreciation for the richness and beauty of the discipline
Building on the extraordinary success of eight best-selling editions Callister s new Ninth Edition of Materials Science and Engineering continues to promote student understanding of the three primary types of materials metals ceramics and polymers and composites as well as the relationships that exist between the structural elements of materials and their properties This edition is again supported by WileyPLUS an integrated online learning environment when ordered as a package by an instructor Also available is a redesigned version of Virtual Materials Science and Engineering VMSE This resource contains interactive simulations and animations that enhance the learning of key concepts in materials science and engineering e g crystal structures crystallographic planes directions dislocations and in addition a comprehensive materials property database WileyPLUS sold separately from text
As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise principles and enduring concepts As with previous editions Molecular Biology of the Cell Sixth Edition accomplishes this goal with clear writing and beautiful illustrations The Sixth Edition has been extensively revised and updated with the latest research in the field of cell biology and it provides an exceptional framework for teaching and learning The entire illustration program has been greatly enhanced Protein structures better illustrate structure function relationships icons are simpler and more consistent within and between chapters and micrographs have been refreshed and updated with newer clearer or better images As a new feature each chapter now contains intriguing openended questions highlighting What We Don t Know introducing students to challenging areas of future research Updated end-of-chapter problems reflect new research discussed in the text and these problems have been expanded to all chapters by adding questions on developmental biology tissues and stem cells pathogens and the immune system