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In this New York Times bestselling investigation Ted Koppel reveals that a major cyberattack on America s power grid is not only possible but likely that it would be devastating and that the United States is shockingly unprepared Imagine a blackout lasting not days but weeks or months Tens of millions of people over several states are affected For those without access to a generator there is no running water no sewage no refrigeration or light Food and medical supplies are dwindling Devices we rely on have gone dark Banks no longer function looting is widespread and law and order are being tested as never before It isn t just a scenario A well-designed attack on just one of the nation s three electric power grids could cripple much of our infrastructure and in the age of cyberwarfare a laptop has become the only necessary weapon Several nations hostile to the United States could launch such an assault at any time In fact as a former chief scientist of the NSA reveals China and Russia have already penetrated the grid And a cybersecurity advisor to President Obama believes that independent actors from hacktivists to terrorists have the capability as well It s not a question of if says Centcom Commander General Lloyd Austin it s a... question of when And yet as Koppel makes clear the federal government while well prepared for natural disasters has no plan for the aftermath of an attack on the power grid The current Secretary of Homeland Security suggests keeping a battery-powered radio In the absence of a government plan some individuals and communities have taken matters into their own hands Among the nation s estimated three million preppers we meet one whose doomsday retreat includes a newly excavated three-acre lake stocked with fish and a Wyoming homesteader so self-sufficient that he crafted the thousands of adobe bricks in his house by hand We also see the unrivaled disaster preparedness of the Mormon church with its enormous storehouses high-tech dairies orchards and proprietary trucking company the fruits of a long tradition of anticipating the worst But how Koppel asks will ordinary civilians survive With urgency and authority one of our most renowned journalists examines a threat unique to our time and evaluates potential ways to prepare for a catastrophe that is all but inevitable more
1 New York Times bestseller Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who taught the world how to fly Wilbur and Orville Wright On a winter day in 1903 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened the age of flight had begun with the first heavier-than-air powered machine carrying a pilot Who were these men and how was it that they achieved what they did David McCullough two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize tells the surprising profoundly American story of Wilbur and Orville Wright Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success they were men of exceptional courage and determination and of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity much of which they attributed to their upbringing The house they lived in had no electricity or indoor plumbing but there were books aplenty supplied mainly by their preacher father and they never stopped reading When they worked together no problem seemed to be insurmountable Wilbur was unquestionably a genius Orville had such mechanical ingenuity as... few had ever seen That they had no more than a public high school education little money and no contacts in high places never stopped them in their mission to take to the air Nothing did not even the self-evident reality that every time they took off in one of their contrivances they risked being killed In this thrilling book master historian David McCullough draws on the immense riches of the Wright Papers including private diaries notebooks scrapbooks and more than a thousand letters from private family correspondence to tell the human side of the Wright Brothers story including the little-known contributions of their sister Katharine without whom things might well have gone differently for them more
1 New York Times BestsellerFrom the bestselling author and master of narrative nonfiction comes the enthralling story of the sinking of the LusitaniaOn May 1 1915 with WWI entering its tenth month a luxury ocean liner as richly appointed as an English country house sailed out of New York bound for Liverpool carrying a record number of children and infants The passengers were surprisingly at ease even though Germany had declared the seas around Britain to be a war zone For months German U-boats had brought terror to the North Atlantic But the Lusitania was one of the era s great transatlantic Greyhounds the fastest liner then in service and her captain William Thomas Turner placed tremendous faith in the gentlemanly strictures of warfare that for a century had kept civilian ships safe from attack Germany however was determined to change the rules of the game and Walther Schwieger the captain of Unterseeboot-20 was happy to oblige Meanwhile an ultra-secret British intelligence unit tracked Schwieger s U-boat but told no one As U-20 and the Lusitania made their way toward Liverpool an array of forces both grand and achingly small hubris a chance fog a closely guarded secret and more all converged to produce one of the great... disasters of history It is a story that many of us think we know but don t and Erik Larson tells it thrillingly switching between hunter and hunted while painting a larger portrait of America at the height of the Progressive Era Full of glamour and suspense Dead Wake brings to life a cast of evocative characters from famed Boston bookseller Charles Lauriat to pioneering female architect Theodate Pope to President Woodrow Wilson a man lost to grief dreading the widening war but also captivated by the prospect of new love Gripping and important Dead Wake captures the sheer drama and emotional power of a disaster whose intimate details and true meaning have long been obscured by history more
New York Times Bestseller In Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future veteran technology journalist Ashlee Vance provides the first inside look into the extraordinary life and times of Silicon Valley s most audacious entrepreneur Written with exclusive access to Musk his family and friends the book traces the entrepreneur s journey from a rough upbringing in South Africa to the pinnacle of the global business world Vance spent more than 30 hours in conversation with Musk and interviewed close to 300 people to tell the tumultuous stories of Musk s world-changing companies PayPal Tesla Motors SpaceX and SolarCity and to characterize a man who has renewed American industry and sparked new levels of innovation while making plenty of enemies along the way Vance uses Musk s story to explore one of the pressing questions of our time can the nation of inventors and creators which led the modern world for a century still compete in an age of fierce global competition He argues that Musk--one of the most unusual and striking figures in American business history--is a contemporary amalgam of legendary inventors and industrialists like Thomas Edison Henry Ford Howard Hughes and Steve Jobs More than any other entrepreneur... today Musk has dedicated his energies and his own vast fortune to inventing a future that is as rich and far-reaching as the visionaries of the golden age of science-fiction fantasy more
Just as World War II called an earlier generation to greatness so the climate crisis is calling today s rising youth to action to create a better future In UNSTOPPABLE Bill Nye crystallizes and expands the message for which he is best known and beloved That message is that with a combination of optimism and scientific curiosity all obstacles become opportunities and the possibilities of our world become limitless With a scientist s thirst for knowledge and an engineer s vision of what can be Bill Nye sees today s environmental issues not as insurmountable depressing problems but as chances for our society to rise to the challenge and create a cleaner healthier smarter world We need not accept that transportation consumes half our energy and that two-thirds of the energy you put into your car is immediately thrown away out the tailpipe We need not accept that dangerous emissions are the price we must pay for a vibrant economy and a comfortable life Above all we need not accept that we will leave our children a planet that is dirty overheated and depleted of resources As Bill shares his vision he debunks some of the most persistent myths and misunderstandings about global warming When you are done reading you ll be enlightened and... empowered Chances are you ll be smiling too ready to join Bill and change the world In Unstoppable Harnessing Science to Change the World the New York Times bestselling author of Undeniable Evolution and the Science of Creation and former host of Bill Nye the Science Guy issues a new challenge to today s generation to make a cleaner more efficient and happier world Praise for UNDENIABLE With his charming breezy narrative style Bill empowers the reader to see the natural world as it is not as some would wish it to be He does it right And as I expected he does it best -Neil deGrasse Tyson Ph D host of COSMOS Bill Nye the Science Guy has become a veritable cultural icon T he title of his new book on evolution is Undeniable because yes there are many Americans who still deny what Darwin and other scientists long ago proved -Frank Bruni The New York Times With a jaunty bow tie and boyish enthusiasm Bill Nye the Science Guy has spent decades decoding scientific topics from germs to volcanoes for television audiences In his new book Nye delights in how evolution helps to unlock the mysteries of everything from bumblebees to human origins to our place in the universe -National Geographic When it comes to Bill Nye Science Guy doesn t even begin to cover it When he s not being summoned to act as a voice of reason for news outlets or leading meetings as CEO of the Planetary Society he is living the life of a best-selling author His recently published book Undeniable Evolution and the Science of Creation enlightens readers while using a conversational educational tone After all it s his ability to break down even the most complicated topics into bite-size pieces that made him such a hit on his 90s children s show Bill Nye the Science Guy -The Boston Globe Mr Nye writes briskly and accessibly and makes an eloquent case for evolution -The Wall Street Journal Because Bill Nye is a scientist he has no doubts that the deniers of evolution are flat wrong And because he s a performer his book is fun to read and easy to absorb -The Washington Post Ignite your inner scientist when Nye known for delivering geeky intel with clarity and charm takes on one of society s most hotly debated topics yes still -Time Out New Yorkmore
From the author of the forthcoming book Valiant Ambition the riveting and critically acclaimed bestseller soon to be a major motion picture on December 11 2015 directed by Ron Howard Chris Hemsworth Cillian Murphy Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson will star in a new film based on this National Book Award winning account of the true events behind Moby Dick In 1820 the whaleship Essex was rammed and sunk by an angry sperm whale leaving the desperate crew to drift for more than ninety days in three tiny boats Nathaniel Philbrick uses little-known documents and vivid details about the Nantucket whaling tradition to reveal the chilling facts of this infamous maritime disaster In the Heart of the Sea and now its epic adaptation for the screen will forever place the Essex tragedy in the American historical canon
For readers of Unbroken comes an unforgettable tale of courage from America s forgotten war in Korea by the New York Times bestselling author of A Higher Call Devotion tells the inspirational story of the U S Navy s most famous aviator duo Lieutenant Tom Hudner and Ensign Jesse Brown and the Marines they fought to defend A white New Englander from the country-club scene Tom passed up Harvard to fly fighters for his country An African American sharecropper s son from Mississippi Jesse became the navy s first black carrier pilot defending a nation that wouldn t even serve him in a bar While much of America remained divided by segregation Jesse and Tom joined forces as wingmen in Fighter Squadron 32 Adam Makos takes us into the cockpit as these bold young aviators cut their teeth at the world s most dangerous job landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier a line of work that Jesse s young wife Daisy struggles to accept Deployed to the Mediterranean Tom and Jesse meet the Fleet Marines boys like PFC Red Parkinson a farm kid from the Catskills In between war games in the sun the young men revel on the Riviera partying with millionaires and even befriending the Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor Then comes the war no one expected in... faraway Korea Devotion takes us soaring overhead with Tom and Jesse and into the foxholes with Red and the Marines as they battle a North Korean invasion As the fury of the fighting escalates and the Marines are cornered at the Chosin Reservoir Tom and Jesse fly guns blazing to try and save them When one of the duo is shot down behind enemy lines and pinned in his burning plane the other faces an unthinkable choice watch his friend die or attempt history s most audacious one-man rescue mission A tug-at-the-heartstrings tale of bravery and selflessness Devotion asks How far would you go to save a friend Advance praise for Devotion My great respect for Tom Hudner knows no bounds He is a true hero and in reading this book you will understand why I feel that way President George H W Bush This is aerial drama at its best fast powerful and moving Erik Larson New York Times bestselling author of Dead Wake Lovingly rendered and meticulously researched here is a tale of true friendship across the racial divide Though it concerns a famously cold battle in the Korean War make no mistake Devotion will warm your heart Hampton Sides New York Times bestselling author of Ghost Soldiers and In the Kingdom of Ice At last the Korean War has its epic a story that will stay with you long after you close this book Eric Blehm New York Times bestselling author of Fearless and Legendmore
Travel through the history of architecture in The LEGO Architect You ll learn about styles like Art Deco Modernism and High-Tech and find inspiration in galleries of LEGO models Then take your turn building 12 models in a variety of styles Snap together some bricks and learn architecture the fun way
The essential skill of creating and maintaining new businesses the art of the entrepreneur can be summed up in a single word managing In High Output Management Andrew S Grove former chairman and CEO and employee number three of Intel shares his perspective on how to build and run a company Born of Grove s experiences at one of America s leading technology companies this legendary management book is a Silicon Valley staple equally appropriate for sales managers accountants consultants and teachers as well as CEOs and startup founders Grove covers techniques for creating highly productive teams demonstrating methods of motivation that lead to peak performance throughout High Output Management is a practical handbook for navigating real-life business scenarios and a powerful management manifesto with the ability to revolutionize the way we work
LEGO MINDSTORMS has changed the way we think about robotics by making it possible for anyone to build real working robots The latest MINDSTORMS set EV3 is more powerful than ever and The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book is the complete beginner-friendly guide you need to get started Begin with the basics as you build and program a simple robot to experiment with motors sensors and EV3 programming Then you ll move on to a series of increasingly sophisticated robots that will show you how to work with advanced programming techniques like data wires variables and custom-made programming blocks You ll also learn essential building techniques like how to use beams gears and connector blocks effectively in your own designs Master the possibilities of the EV3 set as you build and program The EXPLOR3R a wheeled vehicle that uses sensors to navigate around a room and follow linesThe FORMULA EV3 RACE CAR a streamlined remote-controlled race carANTY a six-legged walking creature that adapts its behavior to its surroundingsSK3TCHBOT a robot that lets you play games on the EV3 screenThe SNATCH3R a robotic arm that can autonomously find grab lift and move the infrared beaconLAVA R3X a humanoid robot that walks and talksMore than 150... building and programming challenges throughout encourage you to think creatively and apply what you ve learned to invent your own robots With The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book as your guide you ll be building your own out-of-this-world creations in no time Requirements One LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set LEGO SET 31313 more