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Instant 1 New York Times Bestseller Nothing is more addicting than The Girl on the Train Vanity Fair The Girl on the Train has more fun with unreliable narration than any chiller since Gone Girl It is liable to draw a large bedazzled readership The New York Times Like its train the story blasts through the stagnation of these lives in suburban London and the reader cannot help but turn pages The Boston Globe Gone Girl fans will devour this psychological thriller People A debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people s lives Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning Every day she rattles down the track flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck She s even started to feel like she knows them Jess and Jason she calls them Their life as she sees it is perfect Not unlike the life she recently lost And then she sees something shocking It s only a minute until the train moves on but it s enough Now everything s changed Unable to keep it to herself Rachel offers what she knows to the police and becomes inextricably entwined in what happens next as well as in the lives of everyone involved... Has she done more harm than good Compulsively readable The Girl on the Train is an emotionally immersive Hitchcockian thriller and an electrifying debut From the Hardcover edition more
This is not a test --every New Yorker s worst nightmare is about to become a reality New Yorkers aren t easily intimidated but someone is doing their best to scare them badly why After two inexplicable high-tech attacks the city that never sleeps is on edge Detective Michael Bennett along with his old pal the FBI s Emily Parker have to catch the shadowy criminals who claim responsibility--but they re as good at concealing their identities as they are at wreaking havoc In the wake of a shocking assassination Bennett begins to suspect that these mysterious events are just the prelude to the biggest threat of all Soon he s racing against the clock and against the most destructive enemy he s faced yet to save his beloved city--before everyone s worst nightmare becomes a reality
From 1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown comes a gripping story of family ties and forbidden attraction Crawford Hunt wants his daughter back Following the death of his wife four years ago Crawford a Texas Ranger fell into a downward spiral that left him relegated to deskwork and with his five-year-old daughter Georgia in the custody of her grandparents But Crawford has cleaned up his act met all the court imposed requirements and now the fate of his family lies with Judge Holly Spencer Holly ambitious and confident temporarily occupies the bench of her recently deceased mentor With an election upcoming she must prove herself worthy of making her judgeship permanent Every decision is high-stakes Despite Crawford s obvious love for his child and his commitment to being an ideal parent Holly is wary of his checkered past Her opinion of him is radically changed when a masked gunman barges into the courtroom during the custody hearing Crawford reacts instinctually saving Holly from a bullet But his heroism soon takes on the taint of recklessness The cloud over him grows even darker after he uncovers a horrifying truth about the courtroom gunman and realizes that the unknown person behind the shooting remains at large and... a threat Catching the real culprit becomes a personal fight for Crawford But pursuing the killer in his customary diehard fashion will jeopardize his chances of gaining custody of his daughter and further compromise Judge Holly Spencer who needs protection not only from an assassin but from Crawford himself and the forbidden attraction between them FRICTION will keep you on the edge of your seat with breathtaking plot twists and the unforgettable characters that make Sandra Brown one of the world s best-loved authors It is an extraordinary novel about the powerful ties that bind us to the ones we love and the secrets we keep to protect them more
A historic literary event the publication of a newly discovered novel the earliest known work from Harper Lee the beloved bestselling author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning classic To Kill a Mockingbird Originally written in the mid-1950s Go Set a Watchman was the novel Harper Lee first submitted to her publishers before To Kill a Mockingbird Assumed to have been lost the manuscript was discovered in late 2014 Go Set a Watchman features many of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird some twenty years later Returning home to Maycomb to visit her father Jean Louise Finch Scout struggles with issues both personal and political involving Atticus society and the small Alabama town that shaped her Exploring how the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird are adjusting to the turbulent events transforming mid-1950s America Go Set a Watchman casts a fascinating new light on Harper Lee s enduring classic Moving funny and compelling it stands as a magnificent novel in its own right
Six days ago astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars Now he s sure he ll be the first person to die there After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he s alive and even if he could get word out his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive Chances are though he won t have time to starve to death The damaged machinery unforgiving environment or plain-old human error are much more likely to kill him first But Mark isn t ready to give up yet Drawing on his ingenuity his engineering skills and a relentless dogged refusal to quit he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him
LIMITED TIME RELEASE PRICE OF 3 99 Reg 4 99 From New York Times Bestsellers Penelope Ward Vi Keeland comes a sexy new standalone novel He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska A sexy cocky Australian named Chance was the last person I expected to run into on my cross-country drive When my car broke down we made a deal Next thing I knew we were traveling together spending sexually-tense nights in hotels and taking unplanned detours My ordinary road trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime It was all fun and games until things got intense I wanted him but Chance wouldn t make a move I thought he wanted me too but something was holding him back I wasn t supposed to fall for the cocky bastard especially when I knew we d be going our separate ways All good things must come to an end right Except our ending was one I didn t see coming Author s note - Cocky Bastard is a full-length standalone novel Due to strong language and sexual content this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18
WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE From the highly acclaimed multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr the beautiful stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II Marie-Laure lives with her father in Paris near the Museum of Natural History where he works as the master of its thousands of locks When she is six Marie-Laure goes blind and her father builds a perfect miniature of their neighborhood so she can memorize it by touch and navigate her way home When she is twelve the Nazis occupy Paris and father and daughter flee to the walled citadel of Saint-Malo where Marie-Laure s reclusive great-uncle lives in a tall house by the sea With them they carry what might be the museum s most valuable and dangerous jewel In a mining town in Germany the orphan Werner grows up with his younger sister enchanted by a crude radio they find Werner becomes an expert at building and fixing these crucial new instruments a talent that wins him a place at a brutal academy for Hitler Youth then a special assignment to track the resistance More and more aware of the human cost of his intelligence Werner travels through... the heart of the war and finally into Saint-Malo where his story and Marie-Laure s converge Doerr s stunning sense of physical detail and gorgeous metaphors San Francisco Chronicle are dazzling Deftly interweaving the lives of Marie-Laure and Werner he illuminates the ways against all odds people try to be good to one another Ten years in the writing a National Book Award finalist All the Light We Cannot See is a magnificent deeply moving novel from a writer whose sentences never fail to thrill Los Angeles Times more
In love we find out who we want to be In war we find out who we are FRANCE 1939In the quiet village of Carriveau Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband Antoine as he heads for the Front She doesn t believe that the Nazis will invade France but invade they do in droves of marching soldiers in caravans of trucks and tanks in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent When a German captain requisitions Vianne s home she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything Without food or money or hope as danger escalates all around them she is forced to make one impossible choice after another to keep her family alive Vianne s sister Isabelle is a rebellious eighteen-year-old girl searching for purpose with all the reckless passion of youth While thousands of Parisians march into the unknown terrors of war she meets G etan a partisan who believes the French can fight the Nazis from within France and she falls in love as only the young can completely But when he betrays her Isabelle joins the Resistance and never looks back risking her life time and again to save others With courage grace and powerful insight bestselling author Kristin Hannah captures the epic panorama of WWII and illuminates an intimate... part of history seldom seen the women s war The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters separated by years and experience by ideals passion and circumstance each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival love and freedom in German-occupied war-torn France--a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women It is a novel for everyone a novel for a lifetime more
See the world of Fifty Shades of Grey anew through the eyes of Christian Grey In Christian s own words and through his thoughts reflections and dreams E L James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the world Christian Grey exercises control in all things his world is neat disciplined and utterly empty until the day that Anastasia Steele falls into his office in a tangle of shapely limbs and tumbling brown hair He tries to forget her but instead is swept up in a storm of emotion he cannot comprehend and cannot resist Unlike any woman he has known before shy unworldly Ana seems to see right through him past the business prodigy and the penthouse lifestyle to Christian s cold wounded heart Will being with Ana dispel the horrors of his childhood that haunt Christian every night Or will his dark sexual desires his compulsion to control and the self-loathing that fills his soul drive this girl away and destroy the fragile hope she offers him This book is intended for mature audiences
An unforgettable story about true love real life and second chances Rachel Blum and Andy Landis are just eight years old when they meet one night in an ER waiting room Born with a congenital heart defect Rachel is a veteran of hospitals and she s intrigued by the boy who shows up alone with a broken arm He tells her his name She tells him a story After Andy s taken back to a doctor and Rachel s sent back to her bed they think they ll never see each other again Rachel grows up in an affluent Florida suburb the popular and protected daughter of two doting parents Andy grows up poor in Philadelphia with a single mom and a rare talent for running Yet over the next three decades Andy and Rachel will meet again and again linked by chance history and the memory of the first time they met a night that changed the course of both of their lives A sweeping warmhearted and intimate tale Who Do You Love is an extraordinary novel about the passage of time the way people change and change each other and how the measure of a life is who you love