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In their debut cookbook the Trim Healthy Mama s share hundreds of delicious healthy recipes to help readers successfully slim down while eating well This companion cookbook to the bestselling Trim Healthy Mama Plan is just what readers have been waiting for It features simple mouthwatering recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner including slow cooker and one-pot meals hearty soups and salads omelets and waffles pizzas breads and more No Trim Healthy Mama should be deprived so there are also favorite snacks delectable desserts and the smoothies sippers and teas fans love With pantry-stocking advice time-saving tips and information on how to cook for the entire family the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook offers a delicious and nutritious way to make trim and healthy meals with less stress so you have more time with your loved ones
Simple Ideas Lasting LoveFalling in love is easy Staying in love that s the challenge How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands conflicts and just plain boredom of everyday life In the 1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages you ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing Dr Gary Chapman s proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner starting today The 5 Love Languages is as practical as it is insightful Updated to reflect the complexities of relationships today this new edition reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant actionable wisdom in ways that work Includes a His and Hers Personal Profile assessment so you can discover your love language and that of your loved one
From 1 New York Times bestselling author Jack E Levin comes a beautifully illustrated book of beloved proverbs for young readers with a preface by his son 1 New York Times bestselling author Mark R Levin In Proverbs for Young People Jack E Levin brings his distinctive artistic style to twenty-nine life lessons that have been passed down from generation to generation Filled with wit and wisdom these life lessons have stood the test of time From A Stitch in Time Saves Nine and Early to Bed and Early to Rise to Practice Makes Perfect and Look Before You Leap these well-known proverbs are universal evergreen truths that every parent and grandparent will want to share with their children
Best-selling author Jen Hatmaker is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind She reveals with humor and style how Jesus embarrassing grace is the key to dealing with life s biggest challenge people The majority of our joys struggles thrills and heartbreaks relate to people beginning with ourselves and then the people we came from married birthed live by go to church with don t like don t understand fear compare ourselves to and judge Jen knows how the squeeze of this life can make us competitive and judgmental how we can lose love for others and then for ourselves She reveals how to Break free of guilt and shame by dismantling the unattainable Pinterest life Learn to engage our culture s controversial issues with a grace-first approach Be liberated to love and release the burden of always being right Identify the tools you already have to develop real-life all-in know-my-junk-but-love-me-anyway friendships Escape our impossible standards for parenting and marriage by accepting the standard of mostly good Laugh your butt off In this raucous ride to freedom for modern women Jen Hatmaker bares the refreshing wisdom wry humor no-nonsense faith liberating insight and fearless honesty that have made her beloved by... women worldwide more
A New York Times Bestseller In the 2014 New York Times bestseller Jesus on Trial David Limbaugh made a case for the Gospels as hard evidence of the existence of God drawing on his own spiritual journey from skeptic to believer Now in The Emmaus Code Limbaugh unlocks the mysteries of the Old Testament and reveals hints of Jesus Christ s arrival through all thirty-nine Old Testament books The key to the secrets of the Old Testament Limbaugh argues is the crucial New Testament encounter between the risen Jesus and two travelers on the road to Emmaus With that key and with Limbaugh as a deft guide readers of The Emmaus Code will come to a startling new understanding of the Old Testament as a clear and powerful heralding of Jesus Christ s arrival Limbaugh takes readers on a revealing journey from Genesis through Malachi demonstrating that a consistent message courses through every one of the Old Testament s thirty-nine books the power wonder and everlasting love of Jesus Christ
Forget the Fad Diets Join the Food Freedom MovementCounting calories is out All the food groups are in Becoming trim and healthy doesn t have to be difficult or painstaking anymore After trying almost every fad diet out there Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett creators of the Trim Healthy Mama movement took matters into their own hands Through trial and error and much research they created the TRIM HEALTHY MAMA PLAN the breakthrough lifestyle program to help readers of all ages and stages get healthy slim down and keep off the weight once and for all Based on the authors successful self-published book this simplified improved practical plan shows readers a unique way to lose weight and get healthy by eliminating sugar and still eating hearty delicious food The biblically-sound and highly effective eating approach centers on Satisfying meals which include more fats and protein and Energizing meals which include more carbs and protein as they are the key to success Scrumptious whole unprocessed foods including fats blood sugar friendly grains proteins fruits and vegetables are eaten in a way that boosts metabolism yet still fits into anyone s hectic lifestyle It s family friendly and effective for pregnant and nursing mothers pre or... post- menopausal women and also those without weight or health issues even men and growing children The book includes menu plans a list of key super foods to eat on plan time-saving tips and pantry stocking and lifestyle advice to help readers successfully reach their goals Join the Trim Healthy Mama movement and along with thousands of others discover the groundbreaking easy-does-it and delicious way to eat for health and weight loss more
The Moonbeam Award Gold Medal Winner in the religion category The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible At the center of the Story is a baby the child upon whom everything will depend Every story whispers his name From Noah to Moses to the great King David---every story points to him He is like the missing piece in a puzzle---the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together From the Old Testament through the New Testament as the Story unfolds children will pick up the clues and piece together the puzzle A Bible like no other The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to join in the greatest of all adventures to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God s great story of salvation---and at the center of their Story too
All of us long to know what life after death will be like Bestselling author John Burke is no exception In Imagine Heaven Burke compares over 100 gripping stories of near-death experiences NDEs to what Scripture says about our biggest questions of Heaven Will I be myself Will I see friends and loved ones What will Heaven look like What is God like What will we do forever What about children and pets For decades Burke has been studying accounts of survivors brought back from near death who lived to tell of both heavenly and hellish experiences While not every detail of individual NDEs correlate with Scripture Burke shows how the common experiences shared by thousands of survivors--including doctors college professors bank presidents people of all ages and cultures and even blind people--point to the exhilarating picture of Heaven promised in the Bible This thrilling journey into the afterlife will make you feel like you ve been there It will forever change the way you view the life to come and the way you live your life today You ll discover Heaven is even more amazing than you ve ever imagined
You have an enemy and he s dead set on destroying all you hold dear and keeping you from experiencing abundant life in Christ What s more his approach to disrupting your life and discrediting your faith isn t general or generic not a one-size-fits-all It s specific Personalized Targeted So this book is your chance to strike back With prayer With a weapon that really works Each chapter will guide you in crafting prayer strategies that hit the enemy where it hurts letting him know you re on to him and that you won t back down Because with every new strategy you build you re turning the fiercest battles of life into precise strikes against him and his handiwork each one infused with the power of God s Spirit New York Times bestselling author Priscilla Shirer widely known for her international speaking teaching and writing ministries brings her new role from the 2015 film War Room into the real lives of today s women addressing the topics that affect them most renewing their passion refocusing their identity negotiating family strife dealing with relentless regrets navigating impossible schedules succeeding against temptation weathering their worst fears uprooting bitterness and more Each chapter exposes the enemy s cruel crafty... intentions in all kinds of these areas then equips and encourages you to write out your own personalized prayer strategies on tear-out sheets you can post and pray over yourself and your loved ones on a regular basis Fervent is a hands-on knees-down don t-give-up action guide to practical purposeful praying more
Renowned pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller writes the book his readers have been asking for A year-long daily devotional beautifully designed with gilt edges and a gold ribbon marker The Book of Psalms is known as the Bible s songbook Jesus knew all 150 psalms intimately and relied on them to face every situation including his death Two decades ago Tim Keller began reading the entire Book of Psalms every month The Songs of Jesus is based on his accumulated years of study insight and inspiration recorded in his prayer journals Kathy Keller came to reading the psalms as a support during an extended illness Together they have distilled the meaning of each verse inviting readers into the vast wisdom of the psalms If you have no devotional life yet this book is a wonderful way to start If you already spend time in study and prayer understanding every verse of the psalms will bring you a new level of intimacy with God unlocking your purpose within God s kingdom